Top selling language trip destinations of 2018…

Still undecided on where to go on your next Language Trip?

Maybe a run-down of some of our top selling Language Trip destinations of 2018 will help you decide!

1. Seville

Our top selling Spanish destination of 2018 – and if you’ve ever visited the beautiful city, you’ll know exactly why! Home to Spanish walking tours with guides who really ‘know’ the city, flamenco lessons that set your heart alight and architectural feats like the Real Alcázar, there’s absolutely no doubt that your students will gain a new love for Spain and the Spanish language, all thanks to the city of Seville.

School Language Trips to Montpellier

2. Montpellier

It may not be the first destination that springs to mind for a French trip, but we saw a rapid growth in popularity in 2018. Home to one of France’s top universities, Montpellier has a vibrant and youthful vibe that will make your students feel right at home. A guided tour of the city will help you soak up the history and culture, whilst visits to the Musée Fabre and Montpellier Zoo will keep your itinerary varied and exciting.


3. Cantabria

Cantabria has become particularly popular for younger groups who want the best of city and rural life without being based in a city. Take a step back from urban living and enjoy the Spanish countryside in the region of Cantabria, taking the time to explore some of the beautiful national parks, local fishing ports or traditional villages. And if the city life still appeals, a day trip to the city of Santander or Bilbao can be easily arranged.

Berlin Skyline

4. Berlin

Berlin has culture and history in abundance, and as a popular tourist destination, it has plenty of opportunities for students to practise their language skills in a forgiving setting. Enjoy a guided walking tour of the city, visit the Olympic stadium, explore its collection of museums and galleries or simply soak up the atmosphere at one of the vibrant markets.


5. Paris

It comes as no surprise that Paris features in our top selling language tour destinations of 2018! Easily accessible from the UK by road, rail and air, where its bohemian streets are home to such iconic sights and varied excursions, Paris is and always will be a great choice for a language trip.

The colourful Park Güell by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona

6. Barcelona

Last but by no means least, Barcelona features on our list thanks to its lively spirit, colourful streets and well-known city sights – after all, who doesn’t want to visit Barcelona at least once in their life? A diverse and exciting itinerary awaits as you can visit the famous sights, explore the city’s quieter corners and whip up some authentic Spanish food in a cookery lesson, all in just a few days.


If you’ve not seen a destination that takes your fancy, then why not take a look at our full range of popular Language Trip destinations? For more information about any of our trips, contact our team of friendly Language Trip specialists via our website or by calling 01332 347 828.