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Tailor-Made Adult Group Concert Tours

Providing special performance opportunities

As singers and musicians ourselves, providing ensembles with special performance opportunities is at the heart of what we do. Having worked with adult groups since 1965, we know the social side of a concert tour is every bit as important as the music. From wine tasting and brewery tours to river cruises and castle visits, we’ll help create a tour that lets you experience the local culture at its most authentic, complete with memorable performances in truly inspiring venues.

Why we’re specialists for…


We’re well accustomed to the needs of choirs and offer a variety of inspiring destinations perfectly suited for choral groups. From prestigious cathedrals and churches to beautiful parks and gardens, we have a range of stunning venues to suit any repertoire, where the acoustics, stage size and venue type are perfectly matched to your choir.


Whether you’re a concert, brass or jazz band, we can tailor a tour to suit all musical styles. We understand the needs of bands, which is why we’ll recommend the most appropriate way to transport and store your instruments, with the option of hiring them out. From quaint bandstands and colonnades to lively jazz clubs and market squares, we’ve handpicked the best venues that are perfect for bands.


From bustling market squares and scenic bandstands to beautiful churches, we offer a range of superb venues and destinations that are tailored to orchestras. We know how important your instruments are, which is why we’ll recommend the most suitable way to transport and store them, with the alternative option of hiring them out.

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For your financial security, you must have insurance when travelling with us, whether it be your own or the insurance we provide through Aviva. We highly recommend our insurance because it’s tailored specifically for group travel and offers cover for Covid related cancellation and curtailment.

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Concert Publicity

We work with tourist boards, venues and online outlets to publicise your concerts on your behalf, as well as create and distribute eye-catching leaflets and posters to help gather you an audience.

Instrument Transportation

We work closely with airlines and coaches, which means we’re able to outline their policies in the very early planning stages, so you know your much-loved instruments will be carefully transported.

Concert Tour Manager

Tour Managers

A Tour Manager can provide on-hand support and ensure your trip runs smoothly, making your life that little bit easier.

Hoodies & Polos

Keep things simple and let us provide you with personalised hoodies and polo shirts!

Instrument Hire

Prefer to leave your instruments at home? We can hire the instruments you require so they’re ready and waiting for you!

international orchestra tours

Venues to Match Your Repertoire

Whatever your sound and style, we cater for all types of youth and adult ensembles and offer a host of spectacular performance venues that perfectly match your ensemble’s repertoire.

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