Into the desert to meet our camels!

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

What a fantastic day! We headed over the Jbel Sarhro mountain range. The sky was blue and the temperature climbed close to 30 degrees. Just outside Zagora we met our camels. 46 of them. 43 calm and peaceful, 1 snorting and sneezing and 2 clearly wishing they were somewhere else! 2 hours later we arrived at our luxury desert campsite. Some if us discovered muscles that we did not think we had! We were welcomed with tea and almonds. We all climbed the hill behind the camp and watched a perfect desert sunset.

A campsite in the desert with hot showers! Bliss. Great meal of soup, Tagine and fruit.

Some singing followed by stargazing. Great day. Oh by the way it gets very cold at night in the desert.