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Top 5 reasons to learn a foreign language

Last updated: Aug 21st, 2019

When it comes to languages, there’s a real need for young people to develop their skills. According to the British Council, ‘Language learning is vital for the UK’s future prosperity and global standing’, as languages play an important role in the country’s trade, culture, diplomacy and national security.

As a team of language lovers, 70% of us at Rayburn Tours speak at least one foreign language. And because we offer such inspiring experiences to so many exciting destinations, it makes sense that we speak the lingo!

We’ve put together our top five reasons why learning a foreign language is such a valuable skill. Whether you’re just picking up the basics or fluent in every language under the sun, it’s a whole new way of speaking – and that’s pretty impressive.

Find out more about the benefits of language learning on the Association for Language Learning’s website.