Language Champion Eleanor Harvey posing in front of a moat and village.

Language Champion Spotlight: Eleanor Harvey ‘Language allows you to form that connection.’

Our 3rd Language Champion is Eleanor Harvey! Multi-lingual in French, Spanish and German, she thrives on building your epic tour!
Silvia Avvertenza, A Rayburn Tours Language Champion

Language Champion Spotlight: Silvia Avvertenza ‘The Closeness Comes from Speaking the Same Language…’

Stuffed with linguistic talent, our Language Champion Silva Avvertenza is one more vital cog to creating your unforgettable trip!
Claire Storey, a Language Champion at Rayburn Tours

Language Champion Spotlight: Claire Storey ‘It’s more than just the words you speak.’

Here's our first Language Champion, Claire Storey - one of our passionate multi-linguists integral in crafting your unforgettable school tour!

Revel in the Real Alcazar – Seville’s Stunning & Cultural Time Capsule

Uncover timeless cultural beauty at one of Southern Spain's most iconic masterpieces.
Sun sets on an Andalusian coastal white building town

The Jewels of Andalusia: Granada, Malaga & Seville

Southern Spain awaits with gorgeous vistas, captivating landmarks and a whole world full of culture. A perfect setting to bolster your Spanish!
Christmas Resource

Fun Christmas Classroom Resources

We know how difficult it can be to keep kids entertained, so we’ve put together some classroom resources. Some educational, some just for fun. Santa Destination Wordsearch Here is a festive...

International School Travel is Back!

After pressing pause on international school trips, today is a long-awaited day. The Department for Education has given the much anticipated go ahead for schools to take students abroad. Cue cheers...
school trip brochure

New digital school trip brochures have landed

If there was ever a time to do things a little differently, now is it. That’s why we’re delighted to bring you our brand new digital school trip brochures. Not only are digital brochures greener...

Travel experiences that students will need and deserve

Educational travel – experiences that students will need and deserve… The benefits of traveling on an international school trip with students have long been reported on. The enhancement of in...

Do you know your German dialects?

Is it a bread roll, cob, bap or breadcake? Do you say alleyway, ginnel, jitty or twitchel? In the UK we all speak various dialects of the English language. Although we all read and write in standard...
German compound nouns

25 hilarious German Compound Nouns

With plenty of grammatical rules (and exceptions) to get to grips with, German is known for being a challenging and complex language. So, for a little something different, we’ve complied some of...
French faux amis

Your A to Z of French ‘Faux Amis’

Have you spotted a word in French that looks similar to a word we have in the English language? Beware, all may not be quite as it seems! There are examples of ‘faux amis’ or ‘false...