Huddersfield Grammar School showing outdoor experiences support indoor learning!

Last updated: Aug 22nd, 2019

IMG_0203aCast your mind back to September last year and you may remember that as part of our 50th birthday celebrations we awarded Huddersfield Grammar School in West Yorkshire with our first Golden Ticket, entitling them to £50 discount per paying passenger off their next tour.

This weekend 33 students from the school will make their way over the Channel with Rayburn Tours on their visit to the First World War battlefield sites of Ypres and the Somme.

Ambassadors for learning outside the classroom

Having embarked on a cultural tour to Rome and Sorrento in 2015, heading off on a history trip to the First World War battlefields today and travelling to Iceland on a geography tour in October – all with Rayburn Tours – it’s clear the school is committed to offering pupils inspiring experiences beyond the classroom.

Mr Tim Hoyle, Head Teacher at Huddersfield Grammar School, said:

“As a school, we passionately believe in the importance of these trips and learning experiences outside of the classroom.”


Providing a balanced education

For Mr Hoyle, there is a great significance placed upon ensuring children have a balanced education, providing them with excellent learning opportunities outside the school environment as well as within to prepare students for their future and help them develop into well-rounded young adults.

“We’re trying to provide children with a rounded education. We’re wanting children who are intellectually curious, adventurous, who understand their particular roles and responsibilities both within the school now and in the future.”

Supporting indoor learning with outdoor experiences

While classroom learning undoubtedly provides the foundation of education, there is so much to be gained from supporting indoor learning with outdoor experiences. Students can observe how the world works in real life situations, adding depth to curriculum-based learning and bringing the subject alive as they encounter real world examples first-hand.


“We want the children to be adventurous, but to actually see for themselves, to experience for themselves, to develop that curiosity and that love of finding out information for themselves first-hand. It just brings everything they do in school to life.”

Developing life skills

Outdoor learning also helps to develop essential life skills, as students are encouraged to work together and share ideas in a completely new environment. Students will take responsibility for themselves away from home in the safe confines of a school trip and have the opportunity to “develop their independence”.

Outdoor learning benefits teachers too

And outdoor learning is rubbing off on the teachers too! As well as enjoying the experience and gaining as much from it as the students, it’s helping staff development.

“It’s improving their horizons, it’s improving their teaching and it’s improving their relationships with the children. Everything about going away on tour is a positive learning experience.”

We hope the students and teachers from Huddersfield Grammar School have a fantastic, rewarding trip this weekend and can’t wait to hear all about it!

Watch the video…

…to find out more about what learning outside the classroom means to Mr Hoyle and Huddersfield Grammar School.

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