16th September 2015 – A day to remember in Rayburn Tours’ history!

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

This was the day that as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations we would be welcomed into the grounds of Huddersfield Grammar School to present our very first golden ticket!

Prior to the summer, Huddersfield Grammar had been notified of their lucky win – a fantastic £50 donation towards every child’s cost of travel to the Battlefields in April 2016!

Of course we were all excited to be visiting the school to meet Head Teacher, Mr Tim Hoyle, and his registrar, Mrs Gini Garside. The opportunity to interview Mr Hoyle on film, and to better understand the driving force behind his absolute commitment to integrating international travel and LOtC (Learning Outside the Classroom) into his school’s teaching plans, was something that intrigued both myself and the team greatly.

Couple this with the fact that I knew there would be a host of children anticipating our arrival, all eager to be photographed for press, we fully expected a day of celebration for all!

Upon arrival we were first invited to enjoy the hospitality of Mr Hoyle. Taking our seats to begin our interview, he was quick to highlight that the golden ticket had most certainly enabled more children to travel on, what he was confident would be, one of the most thought-provoking trips the school had planned to date.

How wonderful it was to hear that our 50th celebrations and our golden ticket awards were being shared and appreciated by the school’s staff, its students and of course the parents investing in the opportunities the school were presenting to their children.

Mr Hoyle most certainly leads the schools international travel plans from the very top, accompanying children and teaching staff on most of the school trips.

“It’s both fascinating and rewarding to witness first hand both the social and academic development of children following such trips. We do everything at our school to give children the very best opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom – international travel plays a very important role in helping our school achieving those aims.”

See what Mr Hoyle had to say during our interview…