Invicta Grammar School – Day 3: Buongiorno Sicily!

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Watching the sun disappear over the Bay of Naples and awaken over the coastline of Catania, we were ready for our next Italian adventure. We met with our new driver Giatano and set off for Siracusa, an archaeological site with Greek and Roman examples, which was the birthplace to the famous Archimedes.

Our guide Lucia led us to the Greek theatre and Roman amphitheatre explaining their differences; we then passed through the ‘gardens of paradise’ and a cave, which had been formed through the Roman’s quarrying. We then headed north to the Alcantara gorge that was formed because of the hot lava rapidly cooling over the river. Alessandra, the guide, led us through the botanical gardens with views down to the riverbed. We then took a lift down to the ground level where we paddled in the fresh volcanic water and took a closer look at the unique rock formations.

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