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February Half Term 2017 in Pictures

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

For many schools February Half Term has come to an end and some members of the Rayburn Ski Team have returned to the office having accompanied groups on their Ski Trips. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been pining for the mountains and, with all of our Ski Trips including a Ski Rep as standard, we were more than happy to see the arrival of February Half Term!

Being a Ski Rep gives our staff a chance to really get to know the groups travelling with us, as they are on hand throughout the duration of a Ski Trip to help with queries, requests and anything else that comes their way.

Whilst in resort, our Ski Reps ensure that everything is prepared for our groups’ arrivals and make sure the hotel and ski school arrangements are all in place. If time allows, they will also make the most of the opportunity to join you skiing on the some of the beautiful runs we offer (we are avid skiers, after all).

It’s been a fantastic first week and we hope you have all enjoyed your time on the slopes this February Half Term. As a way to celebrate, we’ve pulled some of the best pics taken during the week… Enjoy!

Click below to view all of the pictures!

Ski February Half Term 2017

P.S With plenty of groups booked to participate in a February Half Term Ski Trip this week, there’s plenty more to come!