Inspiring your students with ‘living, breathing geography’

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

At Rayburn Tours, we are in the privileged position to work closely with inspirational teachers; each and every one of them committed to providing their students with unforgettable learning opportunities as they embark on trips to unique and exciting countries. By doing so, they enable their pupils to experience different cultures, discover new skills and create lifelong memories.

One such teacher is Rebecca Quigley from The McAuley Catholic High School in Doncaster. Having worked together with the school to arrange a number of Geography Trips, including to the Bay of Naples and the Land of Fire and Ice this year alone, we jumped at the chance to meet Becki face-to-face to find out just what it is that drives her to inspire her budding geographers. 

On arriving at The McAuley Catholic High School, we were given a warm welcome by Becki, whose passion for teaching and for all things geographical was immediately apparent. Becki is a past pupil of McAuley and was taught by her now Head of Department, Mr Green. As a student she had initially planned to pursue her studies in Physical Education, but found that she was so motivated by Mr Green and the geography course that she decided on a change of career path.

Speaking to Becki, or ‘Miss’ to her students, it is very evident just how keen she is to make a difference to her pupils learning and development. Her ultimate aim as a Geography Teacher is:

“To instil a lifelong curiosity about the world in young people. I want my pupils to ask why, to be out in different countries and places and to see particular things and question why it’s there, why it looks like that.”

Becki also stressed the importance of providing exceptional learning opportunities to students both inside and outside the classroom, particularly in the study of geography which is all about the world around us.

“One of the unique aspects of geography is that we have field work as part of our discipline. We can stand at the front of a classroom and talk about processes, theories and concepts, then actually take pupils to that particular place and see it in real life right in front of them. I think it not only consolidates but enhances their knowledge.”

When asked why she would urge other teachers to take students on a Geography Trip, she replied:

“I think it’s something that teachers should take advantage of and think about the fact that you’re in a position to take pupils to any country in the world, to expose them to new places, new people, new skills and give them memories that will last a lifetime.”

It is very apparent that Becki strives to not only teach her students, but to instil a sense of awe and wonder about the world around them. But why is it so critical that she does this?

“It’s so important because so many of the world’s current and global issues boil down to geography and it’s the young people who sit in front of us who we’ll be turning to solve some of these problems.”

Watch the videos…to hear more about Becki’s experiences of inspiring students and taking them outside the classroom, as well as working with Rayburn Tours.

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