Top 5 recommended visits for your Berlin bucket list

Last updated: Aug 22nd, 2019

Originating in the 13th century, Berlin became firstly the capital of Prussia and, with the formation of the Germanic Empire in 1871, the capital of Germany. With iconic sites dating from Martin Luther to the reunification of a divided country, this is a city rich in history.

With every corner turned, telling a piece of the past, we’ve selected our top 5 visits to add to your Berlin bucket list.

1. Guided walking tour of the city

Give your students the perfect introduction to this endlessly fascinating capital on a guided walking tour of the city. Tailored to meet the needs and requirements of your group, you’ll focus on the topics relevant to you as you take in this city’s diverse landmarks, such as the iconic Brandenburg Gate or the Reichstag building.

2. Memorial to the Murdered Jews

Explore the chilling and thought-provoking history of the Nazi persecution and execution of the Jews across Europe as you walk through the concrete stelae. Receiving nearly half a million visits each year in remembrance of up to six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, this is certain to make an impact.

3. Topography of Terror

Based on the authentic site of the former Gestapo SS and SA Headquarters, learn how this deadly military unit managed task forces, concentration camps and finalised the plans laid out at the Wannsee Conference.

4. Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre

The Berlin Wall was the symbol of the Cold War in Europe. See, hear and smell 800 years of history by delving into the life of the people of Berlin throughout the different eras in this interactive, 23-themed-roomed museum.

5. Sachsenhausen

A Nazi concentration camp from 1936-1945, it’s thought that between 40,000 and 90,000 prisoners died here. Today students can walk through the installations of the camp which are preserved in their original state.

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