“If bliss could be a colour, today would be Amalfi Blue” said Lisa Fantino

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

The author, Lisa Fantino, definitely had that right! Today the students from Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village and I paid a visit to the spectacular Amalfi Coast.

The drive to Amalfi is as picturesque as the view from the town itself, and although it would have been heavenly to go in some sporty Italian car it was still just as special in a coach. Even though at times I was adamant that the coach would never make it round some of the bends or past oncoming traffic. Luckily I was not in charge of the coach and we were in very capable hands of our experienced Italian coach driver.

Along the route of the twisting road we saw many beautiful houses and views, but what surprised me was how all the available space was used for buildings, parking, gardens and crops. Every inch was spoken for, even if it wasn’t obvious on how on earth you accessed some areas of land. I soon lost count of the number of corners we went around but we were in Amalfi at last and it did not disappoint.

As it was such a beautiful day and the sea looked inviting we went on a boat trip along the coast. The views were stunning and I can see what Lisa Fantino meant when she said “If bliss could be a colour, today would be Amalfi Blue“. After the boat trip there was time to explore the town and have the obligatory ice cream (I can recommend the coconut flavour).

Then it was back on the coach for a few more hairpin bends as we made our way back to Sorrento, via Ravello. Once we got back to Sorrento we had some free time to explore the town, buy souvenirs and gifts for parents. Sorrento is a beautiful town and I wished we could have spent a little more time there to explore further. However we needed to get back as tonight we were not simply having dinner, instead it was Pizza Party night with endless amounts of tasty pizza.

It is getting harder and harder to decide which day has been my favourite on this trip so far, but as there are a couple more days to go I am going to wait and see. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

~ Meg