A prestigious prize to the land of extremes

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Last month, we welcomed Graham from Icelandair to Rayburn House to reveal the much anticipated winner of a competition they had been running with us here at Rayburn Tours. Each time a member of the team booked passengers to fly with Icelandair, they had the opportunity to win an array of prizes, from mugs and umbrellas to chocolate and wine. At the same time, they were also entered into the grand prize draw with the chance to win two seats on a flight to Iceland!

The ‘big reveal’

With the land of fire and ice being the number one touring destination for our groups, it makes sense that we are a team of Iceland enthusiasts, so the prospect of adventuring to the remote Artic Edge to explore the best of this magical country was one that filled us all with excitement. The team impatiently gathered with baited breath to hear the lucky winner of such a prestigious prize and, as Icelandair’s Graham announced the name ‘Jackie Fowell’, a loud cheer erupted!

Whilst many of the team could be declared as Iceland lovers, there is arguably no one who knows this country better than long-standing team member, Jackie, who has visited the country a mammoth 15 times (well, somewhere between 15-20 as she’s actually lost count).

As Jackie and any other adventurer to Iceland will agree, no matter how many times you have visited this land of extremes, there is still so much to discover and each trip will leave you wanting to return for more!

 “I cannot wait to plan where to visit and when! The last time I visited I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights and experience the country as you imagine with deep snow and chilly temperatures. This time I would like to go in the summer, possibly hire a car and venture to Jökulsárlón glacier or to the north of Reykjavík to the beautiful fjord area.”

Jackie Fowell

Rayburn Tours and Icelandair

As a leading airline offering flights to and from Iceland, we value our close, collaborative working relationship with Icelandair. Meeting regularly to discuss performance, feedback and rates, the groups specialist at Icelandair, Graham, is more of an extension to the team than an external supplier.

Working so closely with Icelandair means that we can ensure our clients’ flights are booked at the best rates possible as soon as seats are released. What’s more, if there are any changes or special requests, we can work with the airline extremely quickly to get these fulfilled.

Our relationship also means the teams are able to fly with Icelandair on familiarisation trips to explore Iceland, ensuring they have first-hand knowledge of this dramatic destination to create the very best touring experience to perfectly match your requirements and wishes.

Start planning your own Iceland adventure

If you’d like to find out more about the ultimate educational trip to Iceland, head over to our website for more information or get in touch with our team on 01332 347 828.