Bolsover School Visit Rayburn Tours HQ

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

We were thrilled to welcome a group of year 9 and 10 students from Bolsover School to the Rayburn Tours office yesterday for an afternoon session on the benefits of learning a language and the career options that language learning can lead to.

The aim of the session was to give the students an insight into the Rayburn Tours workplace and share some staff stories about their career paths through language learning. We hope that we’ve given the pupils some idea about the range of career paths available to linguists and what a valuable skill it is to learn a language.

Following their afternoon at Rayburn Tours, we asked the students a few questions to find out what they gained from the day…

‘I just thought your languages were there so that if you went to another country you can speak the local language but you can use it to do more than just that…if I take languages, it can open quite a few doors.’

Pupil of Bolsover School

 ‘I’ve learnt how languages can get you a far way in life.’

Pupil of Bolsover School

It was a pleasure to welcome the students to the office and we’d like to wish you all the best of luck with your language learning!