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Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

At Rayburn Tours, we’re all about enriching educational experiences for students and helping teachers to do this in any way we can. With subject specialists in our team, we keep a close eye on the national curriculum in order to create educational tours that match students’ learning. As well as using this in depth subject knowledge to create our tailor-made tours, we use it to support teachers in more ways by creating fantastic free teaching resources.

For geography teachers who are studying volcanoes with their pupils, or looking at the development of tourism in Iceland or the issues surrounding climate change, we’ve got some striking classroom posters for you to print off and put up in your classroom.

For history teachers, we have some fantastic downloadable infographics on the Battle of the Somme, the Berlin Wall and Women’s Roles in the First World War which all depict these historical events in visually engaging and easily digestible ways. You can also download and print off a Second World War timeline to put up in your classroom.

Language teachers can make use of our fun ‘Top It!’ card games which are designed to teach students all about the cities of France and Germany while they play!

You can see our range of teaching resources on our website and if you have an idea of a resource you’d like to see on here, you can tweet us @RayburnEdu@RayburnConcert@RayburnSki or @RayburnSports!

We always value your feedback so if you find these resources useful, please let us know!

Download, print and enjoy!