Iceland’s new kid on the block, Perlan Museum!

Last updated: Feb 27th, 2019

Another corner of Iceland you haven’t yet discovered

Give a hearty halló to Iceland’s Perlan Museum! Okay, so it’s not brand spanking new – it actually opened in 2017 – but the Perlan Museum has got some pretty cool exhibitions heading our way in 2018, giving you yet another reason to visit this gem of a country. From a virtual aquarium and 360° planetarium to a mesmerising, blue-hued ice cave, this is the place to experience the fiery heart and icy core of Iceland all under one roof.

It is, however, new to our already bulging-at-the-seams Iceland product, which just made your geography trip a whole lot more exciting (if that’s even possible)! So join us in our Perlan fandom-ness as we fill you in on all things super cool and high-tech that you can experience in this awesome museum.


Glacier & Ice Cave

Welcome to the cooler side of Iceland, where you can wander through the blue-hued, man-made ice cave and experience the glory of a glacial environment in a totally unique way. The folks at Perlan have really outdone themselves here, having developing a method to accurately replicate an ice tunnel dug through a glacier.

At 100 metres long and built using over a whopping 350 tons of snow from the Blue Mountains, it takes around 10-15 minutes to walk through this spellbinding cave. As you embark on your icy adventure, you’ll learn about the glacier’s dangers, its secrets and the effects of the disappearance of our glaciers. Probably the most educationally-rich cave you’ll ever come across. Best to bring your woollies though, because it’s a nippy -10 °C inside!

Land, Coast & Ocean

Prepare to see some of the most cutting-edge technology in this impressive exhibition! Whilst you’ve still got a little wait before it opens in May 2018, you can still get excited about it. Covering everything from the wide-open land to the depths of the ocean, you can discover Iceland, quite literally, from top to bottom here.

Forces of Nature

Experience Iceland’s incredible geological wonders in the Forces of Nature exhibit, where you can see, hear and feel the power of volcanoes, earthquakes and geothermal energy.

You’ll cover the study of the earth’s rocky plate tectonics, the three main forms of earthquakes, Iceland’s rumbling volcanic systems and its mix of high and low-temperature geothermal areas. Take your love of the land one step further and delve deep into the case studies about Mývatn and Akureyri. Backed up by the most recent scientific research, Perlan is your go-to for the latest findings in geology and other natural sciences.

Látrabjarg & Virtual Aquarium

Take your trip to new heights at the Látrabjarg exhibit! In the Westfjords, Látrabjarg is one of the biggest sea-bird cliffs in Europe and Perlan have created an enormous, life-like replica rising up to 10 metres, rich with bird and plant specimens. Using augmented reality entertainment, you’ll feel like you’re at the base of the cliff looking straight up!

From dizzying heights to sea-bed depths, discover the wonders of the ocean that surrounds Iceland in its virtual aquarium. You can explore Iceland’s oceanic marvels in a Cinematic Underwater Journey and watch in awe as whales swim below your feet. Pretty cool, right? Interactive experiences and captivating information team together to create an exhibit that’s both fun and educational – win win!


Perlan’s Planetarium brings a new meaning to 360°. Coming your way in autumn 2018 is a state-of-the-art planetarium that offers a 360° domed, immersive experience with surround sound and the best image quality available in the world today. Phew, that’s a lot of technology!

As you take your seat, you’ll embark on a journey through the highlights of Icelandic nature, where incredible footage floods the screen and makes you feel like you’re there in person. A real treat for the senses.

Observation Deck

Head to the observation deck and be met by some of the most spectacular views of Iceland. Circling the dome, the fourth floor is your gateway to an astounding 360° view of Reykjavik and the surrounding area, where information signs tell you the names of the points of interest on the horizon.

Spot Snaefellsjokull glacier in the north, Keilir Volcano in the south and everything in between as you stand on the deck that hundreds of thousands flock to every year. Next to the information signs you’ll find rock samples – meaning you can literally touch lava from the lava fields south of Reykjavik, as well as soft volcanic rock and hard basalt columns! Perlan, we take our hats off to you.


Our verdict

Perlan doesn’t even feel like a museum, but another corner of Iceland you haven’t yet discovered. A total mind-blow for the senses. Taking you from geothermal galore to ice cave ecstasy, soaring cliff faces to oceanic wonderment, this is technology at its finest.

Packed full of educational value and interactive exhibits, teachers needn’t worry about the lack of learning opportunities. Perlan works with leading scientists and artists to present the most recent knowledge and findings in fun, fresh and exciting new ways, capturing the interest and imagination of every student (even those who say they ‘don’t do’ museums). A new ‘must-do’ on your school geography trip to Iceland.


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