Richard from the Education Team recently went out to Belgium to suss out all the best battlefields excursions for our history trips. One of his highlights was the opportunity to watch a preview of the fantastic MESH Theatre production of R.C Sherriff’s ‘Journey’s End’ which will run from 10th October – 12th November 2018 in Ypres.

We caught up with Richard to find out why this production is a must-see for history students and why it will bring an exciting new element to your history trip…

Richard Howcroft

Richard Howcroft

Tour Co-ordinator

What was your first impression of the production?

I found the performance was extremely powerful. It is delivered with real emotion by the actors and it really brings to life what soldiers must have gone through on a personal level during the First World War.

What did you find interesting about the production?

The actors created a real sense of being there, actually in the dugout, with the soldiers in that time. Knowing that R. C. Sherriff based the play on his own experiences in the trenches makes it even more real.

How do you think seeing the production will enhance students’ understanding of the First World War?

I think seeing a demonstration of the effects on the soldiers in the trenches individually and as a group will bring the history to life and make students think about the tragedy of the First World War as more than just statistics. They get to see how the situation, so many people together in such awful conditions, affected them in terms of their mental as well as their physical health.