Geography Trips Off the Beaten Track

Last updated: Jun 4th, 2024

Explore the road less travelled…

Looking for a geography trip with something a little bit different? Veer away from the tourist hotspots on a geography trip off the beaten track. Offering incredible experiences for geography students, Morocco and Sicily are quickly becoming our new favourites and it’s not hard to see why…

  • Morocco

    Step out of the classroom and step into thrilling adventure in Morocco: trek the High Atlas Mountains, try your hand at traditional agriculture, soak up the local life at the Marrakech souks and spend a night in the Sahara under the stars!


Top Geography Visits in Morocco:

  • High Atlas

    Looming large on the southern horizon is Toubkal, the highest peak of the High Atlas mountain range at 4,167m. The higher you go, the more dramatic the landscapes. The origins of this huge fold mountain range are clear to see with strata, folds, screes, rock pedestals and incised meanders all to be spotted. See more!

  • Amizmiz

    Having been amongst the urban pulls and pushes of Marrakech, this is an opportunity to evaluate rural pushes and pulls in the foothills of the High Atlas. Experience traditional agriculture on a guided walk around Amizmiz – a great way to see everyday activities, engage with people, their activities and their lives. See more!

  • The Sahara

    Travelling southwards towards the Sahara, the landscape is wide and flat until, on the far horizons, the surrounding mountains of the Atlas and the Jbel Ougnat appear. Ride off across the Sahara on your camel, towards the mighty sand dunes and ascend a high crest and wait for the sun to set. See more!

  • Sicily

    From the volcanic magnitude of Mount Etna to the mighty Alcantara River Gorge, Sicily is brimming with geographical wonders for you and your students to explore.


Top Geography Visits in Sicily:

  • Mount Etna

    Begin your adventure by travelling across the lower flanks of the Etna volcanic system in your own private coach. Then take a cable car ride and a sturdy 4×4 jeep journey to view the volcano’s extensive and recent lava flows, whilst getting up close and personal to the active crater area! See more!

  • Stromboli

    The ultimate Aeolian Island destination has to be Stromboli; a volcanic island that has been in continuous eruption for over 2,000 years. Stromboli is the island furthest north in the archipelago and is well worth the trip. A guided trek can be taken midway up the volcano’s flanks to overview the huge, and often active, Sciara del Fuoco (Stream of Fire).

  • Alcantara Gorge
  • Formed by river processes, this particular section of the Alcantara River cuts through part of an ancient Etna lava flow and contains vertical gorge walls of magnificent dark grey columnar basalt (with classic hexagonal jointing). See more!