Why Montpellier Is A Great Place to Visit!

Last updated: Jun 4th, 2024

I have recently returned from an observation trip to Montpellier – a trip that I was really looking forward to and it didn’t disappoint! I accompanied a group of year 10 French language students and enjoyed watching them immerse themselves into their experience and their confidence grow throughout the trip.

Here are a few reasons why I think Montpellier is a great place to visit:


The Language School

The students took language lessons during their visit to Montpellier at Accent Francais language school every morning. The staff were so friendly and welcoming meaning that the students were able to settle into their lessons easily. We also had a guided tour of Montpellier included from the school which was a brilliant way to get to grips with the culture and vibe of the city. The tour guide was engaging and interesting and really made the experience. He spoke in both French and English during the tour and interacted with the group to ensure that everybody understood and was able to make the most of the sights.


The Culture

It is not surprising that Montpellier has been voted the place that the people of France would most like to live. The city has such a vibrant atmosphere and there always seems to be something happening whether it is a festival in the main square or the local flea markets on the impressive Esplanade du Peyrou. During our visit there was a wine festival happening in the main square – perhaps not great for the students but the locals certainly seemed to enjoy it!


The Art

What a fantastic place to see all kinds of art work. The centre of Montpellier is full of quirky street art around every corner which really catches your attention when exploring the city, the more you look the more you see!  The group also spent an afternoon perusing the Musée Fabre which was fascinating to see art throughout the ages.


The Beaches

We spent an afternoon relaxing at one of the beaches close to Montpellier – a firm favourite with the whole group. The sea was bright blue and the sand beautifully white. We travelled by public transport and set up our spots for the afternoon. There are a number of beaches that are easily accessible from the city centre, each as stunning as the last. The beach towns are La Grande Motte, Carnon Plage and Palavas Les Flots which all have lots of café’s, restaurants and souvenir shops to explore.


The Restaurants

Montpellier is a young and vibrant city and their eateries definitely reflect this with their array of options. From the trendy bagel, sushi and noodle bars to the restaurants serving traditional French cuisine, there really is something for everyone. The boulangeries are a particular highlight, with the smell of freshly baked pastries in the air they are definitely hard to resist!


Other highlights:

  • The Shopping – The students (and I) loved spending their free time on the high street and shopping centre Le Polygone, they also particularly enjoyed exploring the supermarket Monoprix!
  • The Transport – It is so simple to get around in the city with its public transport system of buses and trams which is easy to use and takes you to every corner.
  • The Zoo – Montpellier has a huge Zoo which is easily accessible by public transport and admission is free.
  • The Weather – everyday was as bright and sunny as the last!