Who to follow on social media in 2019 – Education

Last updated: Jan 25th, 2024

But who are these influencers? Well, we’ve saved you the time and the energy trying to find the right people to follow on social media by compiling our top accounts to follow.


Geography Directions
Regular geography-orientated posts written by academics
Twitter @GeogDirections


Urban Geography
Publishing original academic papers on urban issues
Twitter @urbgeog


Dallas Campbel
TV adventurer specialising in Science, Engineering and Geography
Twitter @dallascampbell


Jørgen Carling
Research professor specialising in Human Geography
Twitter @jorgencarling


Wiley Geography
Geography, Development, Population, and Urban Studies news, academic research, and free scholarly content
Twitter @WileyGeography


Teachit Geography
Hundreds of KS3 to KS5 teaching resources all created for the classroom
Twitter @TeachitGeog


Resources to support teaching and learning in Geography
Twitter @InternetGeog Facebook @internetgeography


Nat Geo Photography
All things photography from National Geographic
Twitter @NatGeoPhotos Facebook @natgeophotos



Today In History
What happened on this day in the past? Follow this account and you will find out
Twitter @Yesterday_Today


WW2 Tweets From 1941
This account uses Twitter to ‘live tweet’ World War 2 as though it was breaking news – it’ll take 6 years to finish the reporting in total
Twitter @RealTimeWWII


History In Pictures
An account that shares the most powerful and entertaining historical photographs ever taken
Twitter @HistoryInPics


Dr Bob Nicholson
This account, which covers Victorian Popular Culture, is run by Bob Nicholson, a lecturer at Edgehill University in the UK
Twitter @DigiVictorian


Medieval Manuscripts
Tweeting about the British Library’s marvellous medieval manuscripts
Twitter @BLMedieval


Lucy Worsley
Dr. Lucy Worsley prides herself on making history fun, engaging and stimulating for the mind
Twitter @Lucy_Worsley