Free Classroom Resource: Challenge of Natural Hazards Knowledge Organiser

Last updated: Apr 25th, 2019

Here at Rayburn HQ we’re big fans of Knowledge Organisers. So much so that we’ve decided to create our own!

We’ve compiled a ready-to-use classroom resource for you and your pupils – a Knowledge Organiser covering the theme of Tectonic Hazards, from the Challenge of Natural Hazards unit section of the AQA 9-1 GCSE.

Students can choose whether to study a case study of either an earthquake or a volcano – and we cover both in our Knowledge Organiser.

Simply download the Knowledge Organiser by clicking on the link below, print off a copy for your pupils and get them to stick it in their books. Use it to provide a foundation of factual knowledge as you introduce the theme of Tectonic Hazards or as a useful revision tool to help students acquire and retain key subject knowledge. It’s as simple as that!


Download the Knowledge Organiser