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The Azores through the eyes of Wetherby Senior School students

Last updated: Feb 7th, 2020

Last year, Wetherby Senior School travelled to the island of São Miguel in the Azores for five days of adventure! Discovering some of the island’s most incredible geographical treasures, they experienced hot springs, forest-lined lakes and a pineapple plantations to name but a few highlights!

We hear from Wetherby Senior School students about their ‘best bits’ and what they gained from the trip:


Memorable experiences

“Going into the waterfall to swim after the walk through the forest.”

Stunning sights

“I enjoyed the geothermal pools as they were fun to swim in and were an incredible spectacle.”

Geographical gems

“I enjoyed the Vulcanological Observatory because all the different rocks from all over the world were interesting.”

Gaining independence

“What I liked was that I flew without my parents for the first time, so I was learning to become more independent and was pushed out of my comfort zone.”

A sense of community

“The geothermal pools in the Terra Nostra Gardens and the large sense of community from the upper years, the teachers, Rayburn Tours staff and the bus driver.”

 Thank you Wetherby Senior School for your comments and for a fantastic trip to the Azores!

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