Top 8 ideas to fundraise for a school trip abroad in 2020

Last updated: Mar 23rd, 2020

Keen to get out the classroom and take your students on an unforgettable school trip abroad? Start the fun early and get your students involved in some fundraising activities to help pay for the experience! Here’s our top 8 ideas to help you get the money rolling in!


Bring & buy sale

Don’t deny it… you’ve got clothes in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for months, maybe even years! You’ve been meaning to donate them and we can’t think of a better way to clear out your closet than a bring & buy sale! One person’s old attire might be another’s dream style! So fill a bag, take it down to school and encourage your class to do the same – you might find some real treasures!

Best thing about this idea: It’s not just limited to clothes! You can apply the same concept to your old books, games, ornaments and more!


Coffee & cake morning

Who doesn’t love to bake? From cornflake cakes to a Victoria sponge and everything in between, why not enlist a small group of students to cook up a whole host of goodies, and have yourself a little cake sale. Pair it with tea and coffee on tap, and offer parents and teachers to partake before school, at break time or even after school. A sure-fire way to raise money for an educational trip, and put a smile on many faces!

Best thing about this idea: Parents and teachers LOVE coffee – so it should be a fool proof way to encourage them to part with a bit of cash!


Use technology

Many schools use crowdfunding websites to generate cash for school trips. Set up is easy, and giving money is even easier. Sharing links to a donation page on your social media channels and school website will give your campaign exposure, and you could even tell parents about it via text message or the school newsletter. Make sure to set the scene and tell the story of why this trip is important to your students, you’re bound to pull on many heart strings!

Best thing about this idea: You can do everything from the comfort of your desk (or sofa)! All you need is a computer and a bit of time!


Run errands

How many parents drive to pick up their children from school? A quick car wash while they wait in exchange for a couple of pounds is bound to be popular. You could arrange a bag packing afternoon at one of the local shops, or suggest that students offer dog walking or lawn mowing services. Whatever they choose to do, they will not only be helping out in the community, they will also gather some valuable contributions to their travels.

Best thing about this idea: Students can choose an activity they enjoy doing the most, and do it in their own time as well as at school!


Raffle or tombola

Let’s face it, people are more likely to part with their money if they know they’ll get something in return. Gather prizes by asking students to bring in unwanted items such as accessories, toiletries, food and drink, and sell tickets for a raffle or tombola. You could even write to some local shops and attractions to get some bigger prizes, therefore selling more tickets.

Best thing about this idea: Getting prizes should be relatively easy, and everyone can be involved – students heading out on a ski trip could aim to sell five tickets each for example.


Get arty

The great thing about art is that its subjective nature means there is always something to suit all tastes. Dig out the paper, pencils, paints and chalks, and have your students create some truly bespoke pieces. You could hold an art gallery evening, inviting parents to browse by paying a small entry fee, or hold an art auction to sell masterpieces to the highest bidders.

Best thing about this idea: Students are able to show their individuality and create something that is unique, all in the name of travelling abroad with their class mates!


Sponsored sports

Time for a real challenge! Many parents are keen to sponsor students who are willing to go above and beyond, and push themselves completely out of their comfort zone! You might choose to do a sponsored abseil, a tough obstacle course or a sponsored walk. However you decide to raise sponsorship, a sporting event is a great way for kids to get active and feel a real sense of achievement! This activity is particularly suitable for a sports trip abroad.

Best thing about this idea: Each student can take home a sponsor form to share with their families, and it encourages a healthy, active lifestyle!


Put on a show

Get learning your lines because it’s time to put your acting skills to the test! Your students can show off their dramatic flair with a play, pantomime, concert or talent show. Raise money by selling tickets to friends, parents and neighbours. Get the local community involved by putting up posters in shops and bus stops. Families will love this evening of entertainment!

Best thing about this idea: This activity can be done after school, making it easier for parents and families to come along and support the cause!


Now you have the tools to fundraise for a school trip abroad… let’s get booking!


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