Hey teachers, take a look at these history resources we have found for you!

Last updated: Jun 5th, 2024

We have taken some time out to support teachers in more ways by collating some valuable online history teaching resources.  As well as going above and beyond to find the best resources online, we have created our own teaching resources to support young people’s learning.

Here are the top 10 resources we have put together for you;


1. Teach it History

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  • Free resources available for KS3, KS4 & KS5
  • Must create an account


2. Cunning History Teacher

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  • Must create an account
  • Free resources available KS3, KS4 & KS5


3. icHistory

Free resources here

  • Free access to downloadable resources
  • Available for KS3, KS4 & KS5


4. School history

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  • Must create an account
  • Resources available for KS3, KS4 & KS5


5. National Archives

Free resources for WW2

  • Available for KS3 & KS4
  • Free access to downloadable teaching resources


6. The BBC

Discover more

  • Teaching materials available for all ages
  • Free access to all resources


7. Teachwire

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  • Create a free account to access teaching resources
  • Teaching material available for all levels


8. Pearson

Free downloads available!

  • Teaching materials available for KS3
  • Free access


9. British Library

Free resources here!

  • Teaching resources available for KS3,KS4 & KS5
  • Free access


10. VE day

Visit the website!

Teaching resources for VE day:



Feeling inspired? Why not bring history to life and take your students on a educational trip…

Learn outside the classroom!