Getting the numbers to run a trip – Not an issue in 2022/2023!

Last updated: May 7th, 2021

It would have been hard for us to predict the long terms effects a pandemic would have on groups looking to run international school trips; mainly because, thankfully, none of us had ever lived through one.  As we make our way out of the pandemic, we are starting to see the reality of such effects. We have to say we’re pleasantly surprised, but teachers are saying they aren’t! 

Over the course of many years of supporting teachers in their planning of international school trips, we’ve often seen that one of the major barriers to tours going ahead was the school being able to get enough students opting into the trip. Essentially this would make the costs of the tour prohibitive to the trip going ahead. Of course we know that often the nature of school travel means that the more you can get to go, the lower the cost per person will be!    

As enquiries start to come back through the door for travel in 2022/23, we are witnessing that trend change – the opposite if anything seems to be the case. Teachers are openly reporting that they imagine the numbers travelling will be far greater than ever before. Great news we say for the school. More children experiencing these life changing educational experiences, costs being kept to the minimum and the school has a more inclusive offering. 

So why do we believe the tide is turning on this historical trend?  

  1. Over the last year young people’s education and social interaction suffered more than most. It’s our job to find ways to get them back on track. A trip can undoubtedly play a pivotal role in this.


  1. As teachers and parents, we all have an absolute desire to open the world back up to our young people and deliver the experiences to them that they so deserve


  1. This has been a year like no other – we want to remind children that education takes place both inside and outside the classroom. No longer the home school!


  1. Desire to travel and educate is at an all-time high! Pent up demand and desire is at an all-time high


  1. If parents have suffered adverse financial effects during the last year, they will find a way to give their children access to educational trip experiences – often a viable option when a family holiday may not be. 


  1. Over the last year, enjoying face to face style contact via Zoom or Teams meetings became the norm. It has now opened up an acceptable way for us to support schools across the country in hosting online meetings and tour launch evenings to help inspire students and parents to sign up.  We love the experiences we create for schools so by letting us support your school and allowing us to share our passion will undoubtedly help you get the numbers up!


Results of all this?  More schools can travel, more children have the opportunity to explore the world and enhance their in classroom learning and costs can be kept to the minimum!  

Roll on 2022/2023 – we’re ready for you!