UK Choir Festival Podcast Special Guest

Last updated: Apr 7th, 2022

We were thrilled to receive an invite from Russell Scott, UK Choir Festival organiser and friend of Rayburn Tours, to join him on his weekly UK Choir Festival podcast. This week is Episode 13 and if you haven’t heard the previous 12 yet, then you’re missing out on some fantastic choir-related chat and amazing special guests.

After a year like no other, in his podcast Russell wanted to discuss all things travel and touring for choirs and we knew that our Concert Tours Operations Manager, Eleanor Harvey, was the woman for the job.

In this week’s podcast, Russell shares with us that, “I’m very passionate about travel and about taking my choirs on tour when I can. I know that some choirs will be thinking ‘this is out of our reach’, that they can’t do this, but I think that anybody really can.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Eleanor shares how at Rayburn Tours we strive to build completely tailor-made tours to suit each group’s requirements, budget, style and sound.

As the chat continues Russell and Eleanor share fond memories of past tours, reveal their top tips, discuss challenges leaders face, especially in the current climate, and how these can be overcome. And they tackle the question on many people’s minds, “is now really the right time to be planning a tour?”

Russell took the words right out of our mouths when he said, “Planning is needed, especially with groups. Groups need something to look forward to, just as much as all of us. I don’t think there has been a better time to think about doing a tour next year.”

You can listen to this week’s podcast and all past episodes by searching for UK CHOIR FESTIVAL PODCAST on any podcast platform.