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5 reasons why you should book your tickets to the 2022 UK Choir Festival now!

Last updated: Jun 9th, 2022

If you’ve been thinking about booking a space for your choir at this year’s UK Choir Festival, or just a spot for yourself to go and check it out, then look no further. If these 5 reasons don’t inspire you to get involved, we don’t know what will!


1. Guaranteed inclusivity

The UK Choir Festival is an inclusive environment designed to be accessible for all types of choir groups. Regardless of age, background or singing ability, there’s a place for everyone. Size doesn’t matter, and you will always be welcome whether you go it alone or attend as part of a 100-strong ensemble. It’s a safe and fun space to learn, challenge yourself, develop and perform.  We all have one thing in common – a passion for singing…and sing we shall!


2. Learn from the best

The UK Choir Festival promises to be an insightful day (or weekend!) of learning from some of the most renowned and engaging workshop leaders in the country. Hear top tips from producers, directors and vocal coaches, and take part in audience-wide activities to start practicing your new skills.

Platinum ticket holders will even have the chance to attend a 1-2-1 feedback Q&A session with workshop leaders for a personalised experience.

Visit the UK Choir Festival website where you will be able to see the schedule of amazing workshops, including workshop leader bios.


3. It’s all about team work

With a festival-wide rule of all singing being strictly non-competitive, you can be sure that your choir will come away feeling part of a much wider community of like-minded people. The workshops are collaborative, with a strong focus on learning, therefore each attendee will share the same goal of supporting each other and improving their performances. is to give choirs the opportunity to learn… develop… perform with some of the best


4. Do what you do best

As a choir,  your group will be no stranger to performing in front of an audience, and the UK Choir Festival will give you a platform to do just that. Your choir will have the opportunity to sing in the event’s final showcase, where your leader will receive confidential feedback from workshop leaders with invaluable advice to take forward into your next performance.


5. Opportunity to socialise

Choirs come from all over the country to be a part of the UK Choir Festival, and for many, it has become a chance to socialise, as much as to learn. With several break times and networking opportunities built into the schedule, the event can mean the flourishing of old friendships, and the beginning of new ones.


And a bonus reason…it’s amazing value for money!

It’s a full 2-day event, and you can book on for 1-day or 2. Each day is jam-packed with 5 amazing workshops with top-class workshop leaders plus the opportunity to perform in the final choir showcase.


Decided you can’t miss out?

Head over to the UK Choir Festival website now to secure your tickets before it’s too late.