5 Must-Go Reasons for Your Barcelona School Football Tour

Last updated: Apr 25th, 2023

So you’re thinking about the Catalonian capital as your next port of call for your students. Well, to help you decide, here’s 5 must-go reasons for your Barcelona school football tour.

Read on.

Tour FC Barcelona at the Nou Camp Stadium

The mighty, world-renowned and 5-time Champions League winners FC Barcelona are weaved into the heart of this thriving city.

And you could be part of a tour that includes seeing the famous green pitch, changing rooms, dug-outs, trophy rooms and the Barca museum.

Your students will get a glimpse into the lives of former, current players and be able to take in the majesty of a 100,000-seater stadium.

As you’d expect, the Nou Camp Stadium tour is one of our most popular excursions whilst in Barcelona. So, that means we’re well equipped to slot it into your itinerary. 

Grow with Professional Coaching at RCD Espanyol

Next – and another crowd-pleasing activity – is the pro coaching at La Liga stalwarts RCD Espanyol.

Your sessions can be up to 90 minutes long, with a recent school football tour including 4 in their trip.

Also, junior coaches from the club will craft sessions built around your players’ growth goals. And they’ll create inspiring training packs which cover drills likely used by the pro players.

Plus, your players might see possession-based games, shooting training and matches between staff, students and – if you choose our very own tour guides to come along and help oversee the smooth running of your trip – they’ll be playing too!

Play Local Spanish Football Teams

After – or between – pro coaching led sessions, you can play against local teams.

Where we can, your skill levels will be matched with corresponding Spanish teams when we plan your football trip. Which means your fixtures are created for enjoyment and healthy competition.

Plus, Spanish football is known the world over for amazing pitches and facilities – and it’s no different in Barcelona.

So, your players will get the chance to boost their abilities in incredible environments and likely improve their team spirit by bonding with the locals too.

picture from stands of Barcelona Olympic Stadium with blue skies

Tour the Olympic Park (and Barcelona Olympic Stadium)

In the summer of 1992, Barcelona hosted the Olympics, with some of the main attractions and sporting arenas still around for you to experience, such as the:

  • Poble Espanyol – which is an open-air museum with traditional Spanish buildings 
  • Telecommunications Tower – or the Torre Calatrava, is the tall white tower created to symbolise an athlete with the Olympic flame 
  • Olympic and Sports Museum – covers all sports included in the games 
  • Barcelona Olympic Stadium -which continues to host music and international sporting competitions

And we can look at slotting time into your trip for the above to explore the Olympic Park at your leisure.

Then, Absorb Catalonian Culture

But time away from sport really helps you enjoy it even more.

And what better way to do that than soaking in the amazing Catalonian culture and sites around the city.

You can marvel at La Sagrada Familia, get caught up in the electric Las Ramblas, wind through maze-like alleyways in the Gothic Quarter, enjoy delicious cuisine, discover loads of museums, wander through awesome places like Park Guell, and much more.

Whichever you choose, we can add them to your experience.

Just let us know at planning.

So, Your Next Barcelona School Football Tour?

And there it is – 5 must-go reasons for your Barcelona school sports tour.

From Nou Camp stadium tours, pro coaching, skill matched fixtures, a trip to areas of the 1992 Olympics and soaking in the city landmarks it’s easy to see why the Catalonian capital is primed for your trip.

So, race on over to our Spanish webpage focusing on all things Barcelona by clicking here.

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