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From Good to Great: How Pro Coaching Can Transform Your School Sports Tour

Last updated: Apr 25th, 2023

Looking for the jumpstart to a different level of sporting experience for your students? Then go from good to great and discover how pro coaching can transform your school sports tour.

Read on.


What is Pro Coaching?

But first, what is pro coaching?

In a nutshell, it’s coaching from national accredited coaches who design, teach and deliver training sessions.

And here’s a little more of what you could experience…

Netball team listen to a team-mate during coaching


Inspire with Professional Coaches

And where to start but with the qualified pro coaches that lead your sessions?

Be a rugby, netball or football tour, the sport you enjoy will be watched over by the eagle eye of a coach associated with – and often trained by – the club you’re training with.

Which means they can pass on snippets of wisdom which have likely helped the growth of household names. Also, each coach will be accredited by their national sporting association.

And if that isn’t enough, some sessions might include Q&A’s with pro players – much like our Leicester Tigers experience.


[Our pro coaching had] plenty of rugby and [was] a great experience for our pupils’

Mr Samuel Mines, Bryn Clynnog Comprehensive School

Motivate with Pro Training Sessions

Possession games, shooting drills and 7-a-side tournaments are just a few of the standout features of a pro training session.

And depending on your sport, there could be:

  • Fitness testing
  • Nutrition education
  • Performance analysis
  • Strength and conditioning

So, expect a heady mix of intensity and fun where your players will get the opportunity to upgrade their skills in 60-to-90-minute classes.

Plus, most sessions across your choice of pro coaching options include personalised training to suit your group.

Such as netball training at Loughborough Lightning, which was one of Guildford County School’s best moments when on a recent Rayburn Tours sports trip.

Students enjoy a pro coaching session at RCD Espanyol


Experience World Class Facilities

And what else could help you outperform those grey Monday P.E. classes beset by rain and wind?

World class facilities designed for players to outshine their competition might help.

A few of the top-notch resources you could discover include pitches where professional Spanish Cup games are played (like RCD Espanyol), state-of-the-art training rooms at Olympiacos FC and none other than the chance of using the same facilities used by the England national team at St George’s Park.

Connect with On-Site Hospitality

After your session, you might be able to connect even further with your hosts.

As, where packages allow, you could get the chance to scale your social skills by connecting around the same table.

Students enjoy a pitch side stadium tour at the Nou Camp

Enjoy Stadium Tours

Sometimes included and with others an optional extra, you can take in the stadium the main team uses.

Some packages even include tickets to a professional match.

So, you’ll get to train like a pro then watch them perform – knowing all the while you’ve likely been in the same sessions that built their players’ skills and team strategy.

Meet the Professional Players

Then, when the training dust has settled, you might get the chance to meet professional players associated with the club.

You can ask them questions, see what makes them tick and get invaluable insights into how they train, eat and everything in between.

And chances for that type of amazing player interaction could be discovered at Orlando City Soccer Club, where your players might get the chance to sit down with some of the best players in the MLS.

Time to Watch Your Students Soar?

In the end, you’re looking for a dedicated space with professional coaching in training sessions fuelled by world class facilities.

And along the way you’ll connect with the people leading your sessions, might enjoy stadium tours and could even meet the pro players from the club.

Which is why, if you want to go from good to great, check out our pro coaching webpage so we can help transform your school sports tour.

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