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World Music Day 2023 – What is It and How Can You Get Involved?

Last updated: Jun 14th, 2023

It’s nearly here! World Music Day takes place on the 21st June 2023 and if you haven’t come across this day full of vibrant and diverse sounds before, this year is a perfect chance for you to start.

Read on to learn all about it…

But First, What is World Music Day?

It’s a time to embrace, celebrate and enjoy music from all over the world!

Whether you’re an amateur or professional, spectator or playing musician, it puts a spotlight on the power of music and encourages you to get involved.

How Did World Music Day Originate?

Also known as Fête de la Musique, the original idea came from American musician Joel Cohen in the 1970s, when he worked for a French radio station.

Then in 1982 the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, and French composer, Maurice Fleuret, built on that concept for a music day for all.

Including spaces for amateur and professional musicians to perform freely, they crafted the message of live music being for everyone with the first Fête de la Musique in Paris.

Why the 21st of June?

Remember Joel Cohen? His idea included embracing the first day of summer with live music.

And with the summer solstice on the 21st June making it the longest day – it was obvious which date to choose.

What Happens on World Music Day?

A whole host of things – and on a global scale too.

It’s a celebration to bring people together with free, live music in public spaces a major part of the day.

But it’s also there for musical practice, exploration, listening to music, dance and maybe even learning a new instrument.

What Genres of Music are Played on the Day?

All types of music are encouraged and played in outdoor public spaces and participating indoor venues.

Whether your jazz, rock, electronic or any other of the countless variations of musical styles – you’re encouraged to get stuck in!


How Did World Music Day Spread Across the Globe?

Countries have joined France at different times, with Italy starting in 1985, Ghana in 2022 and a huge group of countries joining in-between.

What Are the Different Names for World Music Day?

As it’s in over 1000 cities and 120 countries – there’s a few different names used (and this is by no means an exhaustive list).

Here’s your pocket guide to a few:

  • Festa de la Musica in Italy
  • Make Music Day in the UK
  • Le Fête de la Musique in France
  • Semana Nacional Do Ensino Da Musica in Brazil

How do Countries Celebrate World Music Day?

There are free concerts, workshops, masterclasses and performances from both amateur and professional musicians across the globe.

Paris sees the closure of the Champs-Elysees to traffic for the day to give musicians the chance to play, where they’re encouraged to perform under the slogan ‘Faites de la Musique’.

There’s a parade of musicians in New York & Berlin, loads of free concerts in Argentinian cities as well as public spaces in Beijing and even more in cities around the UK.

Can’t Make World Music Day this Year?

Don’t worry as there’re loads of concert trips we’ve crafted from the ground up focusing on music – with some in UNESCO World Cities of Music, like Ghent in Belgium and Liverpool & Glasgow in the UK.

Here are some of those awesome spaces you could enjoy:

  • Ghent, Belgium
  • Paris, France is the obvious one – but we have organised a performance on World Music Day in Avignon for this year too
  • Rhineland, Germany, with the city of Bonn the birthplace of Beethoven
  • Barcelona, Spain, where tours can include the learning of the cajon and viewing of the local music museum
  • Italy – which was the home of the composer Giacomo Puccini!
  • Malta – which is a hugely satisfying place to visit
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – with an immersive dance music experience just one of many great options

If there’s another destination you’d like to visit, contact us by filling in a short enquiry form by clicking here.

How Will You Celebrate World Music Day?

Want to get involved?

Then you can find out over on the website for Make Music Day.

We also have a bursting catalogue of destinations prime for music trips at home and abroad. The best part? We’ll tailor-make your itinerary to suit your groups wants and needs.

Just click the below button to fill out a short enquiry form and start your journey today.

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