How Touring Helps You Retain & Gain Music Members

Last updated: Jul 11th, 2023

Why are music trips important in keeping established members happy and making your ensemble simply irresistible to new musicians?

We’ve answered that below.

Read on.

The Thrill and Excitement of Touring

Touring’s ingrained into the very concept of being a musician.

Taking your instruments, kit or maybe just your voice to spaces you’ve never been to – or have always dreamt of – is the ultimate adrenaline rush.

If you’re a singer or musician playing for the pure enjoyment, touring gives you the ultra-positive feels of going place to place like a professional musician whilst also helping keep things fresh.

And when we publicise your concert tour and combine that with venues great for your performances, it will only add to your thrill as well as your excitement.

Keeps Things Fresh & Established Members Happy

Instead of wilting away in the same church, pub, town hall or studio, you’ll consistently reinvigorate old and new members with inspiring spaces, such as:

Giving your senior musicians the opportunity to pick the destination (a digital poll can do wonders!) means including as well as keeping them involved in your group’s direction too.

You’ll have a full pedigree of trips abroad being planned, which means members will speak to new members and it will help make your ensemble an easy decision for musicians looking to join.


Broadens Creativity with Inspiring New Spaces to Play In

But the good vibes keep on coming!

A different and exciting environment will likely broaden your new and old members musical horizons.

They’ll collaborate, they’ll craft new tunes and there’ll be the inevitable boost of group creativity through the amazing space you’re in.


Three music group members pose and smile to the camera outside

For more on how collaboration is extra awesome for you as a musician, check out our blog The Combined Creative: 9 Brilliant Reasons for Musical Collaboration

Depending on which destination inspires you, there will be performance venues we can help you with that provide easy access to an appreciative audience, acoustics, and an awesome backdrop of views.

To see which works for you, click here for our Adult Music Concert Tour Destination page.

See Different Cultures, Landmarks and Destinations

It’s not all about your music performances when touring.

There’re the sites. There’re the sounds. And there are all the wonderful things to do that helps keep senior and new players keen to stay or join your ensemble.

Whichever lush place you choose to visit, here are a few spaces you could see:

There’s a bursting catalogue of places to see and people to meet which we can arrange too. Just fill out our short enquiry form by clicking here.

Greater Chance of Musical Recognition

With some musicians, the possibility of recognition is the ultimate rush. First by the musicians in your group, then by the appreciative audience at your performance venues and then possibly by the millions of people connected to social media!

If you choose to record your performance and post, it’s a great way of boosting your online presence too!

Make New Friends & Cement Relationships

A regular schedule of touring helps established and new members cement relationships and forge fresh ones.

You’ll encourage a space to practise, perform and also provide a holiday feel of socials in-between playing. It means not only will your ensemble develop musically but they’ll have all the tools to grow socially as well.


Five ensembles members, all in black, pose with linked arms around each others back to a photo being taken on a phone in the foreground

Opportunities to Grow & Learn

Established players bring an air of continuity and tell a positive story of your lasting, consistent ensemble for new players to practise with. Whereas new musicians can widen your creative scope or boost your current playing style.

And touring brings those two types of musicians together so they can grow and learn from one another.

A planning process for a tour might take 12-24 months. In that time your members will practise and perform together in a likely schedule of pre-touring where you’ll craft a new set-list for your music trip.

To get you excited, here’s our adult music destinations.

Which Space Fits Your Music Group?

And there you go, a whole songbook of brilliant reasons why touring with your group is great for established members and just as great for attracting new musicians to your ensemble.

Seen a tour that would be just perfect for your group? Then we can either curate your awesome trip from a tried and tested itinerary or craft it from the ground up.

Call us today or simply fill out the short enquiry form by clicking the button below.

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