Exploring Berlin History on foot and using public transport!

Last updated: Apr 24th, 2024

We recently travelled on a History Tour to Berlin with the students of Holy Cross School, accompanied by their History Tour Guide Trevor, to embark on a 4-day exploration of Berlin and all its key sites on foot and using its network of excellent public transport links!

The schools party leader was keen for us to provide a packed itinerary, without the use of a coach, to give students an in-depth insight into Berlin, its culture, its streets, using its unrivalled network of public transport links and a whole load of steps, exploring the sights and streets of Berlin!

Brace yourself for what was a unique adventure, packed with thousands of steps, keeping students’ hearts and minds busy from morning until night!

Thousands of steps, numerous hops and off trains made our adventure a memorable one!

Meeting our History Tour Guide – Trevor


Day 1 and time for the group to travel by air from London into Berlin Brandenburg Airport where the group were met by our much respected and treasured tour Guide Trevor. With a long serving Royal Airforce background, a contagious love of history and sharing his vast knowledge with students, there was no doubt, they were in the safest of hands.


A quick coach transfer to the groups hostel and then the remainder of the tour itinerary would be navigated on foot and using public transport!


It’s amazing how much can be achieved when exploring this stunning capital in this way…


PUBLIC TRANSPORT TICKETS – Small group tickets are excellent value and can be included in your tour price – these tickets allow 5 people to travel across the main zones of the city using buses, trams, U-bahns, S-bahns and RE trains! It’s a great way for schools, seeking that extra adventure, to explore the city of Berlin on foot!
We highly recommend The BVG Fahrinfo app for accurate times and routes across Berlin public transport whilst out on tour.

We highly recommend The BVG Fahrinfo app for accurate times and routes across Berlin public transport whilst out on tour.

Explore the group’s jam packed itinerary…

Day 1:
Day 2

Key Points of interest:

  • Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted under Nazism
  • Memorial to the Victims of the Wall
  • Der Rufer (The Caller)
  • Memorial to the Sinti and Roma of Europe Murdered under National Socialism


Day 3:
Day 4

Key Points of interest:

  • TV Tower (Fernsehturm)
  • World Clock (Weltzeituhr)
  • Red Town Hall (Rotes Rathaus)
  • Neptune Fountain (Neptunbrunnen)
  • Marx-Engels Forum


Our take on this itinerary!


There is no doubt that this was an extremely full and packed itinerary, allowing students the opportunity to witness daily life in Berlin and immerse themselves in the capital city culture.

We walked tens of thousands of steps, with the memories and laughter we enjoyed along the way making the steps irrelevant – walking, talking and having the time to take in the surroundings of the city just added to and enhanced the overall experience. There wasn’t a moment available in the tour for students to become disengaged with what they were experiencing. For a teacher that wants their students get the absolute most out of their Berlin History Tour experience, and careful consideration of their group leads them to believe their students will thrive in this setting – we highly recommend this format and say go for it!


“It’s never an easy experience learning of such horrific happenings in our History, but Berlin you tell the story with such grace and immense respect”

Nicky Astle, Rayburn Tours

A&O Berlin Hauptbahnhof – a brilliant base for schools!

This fantastic youth hostel is cool with a capital C. Staying on a half board basis the food was varied and plentiful ensuring our students were well fuelled at the start and the end of each day! Multi-bedded rooms, artistic chill out areas, fun large scale table football, great outside areas and a youthful and vibrant front of house team, make it a great base for schools, just a short walk from public transport links into the bustle of the city!

Explore this trip experience from the students’ perspective…

This itinerary provided a wealth of opportunities for students to explore Berlin. A jam-packed itinerary and a whole host of emotional and engaging visits, leaving a long-lasting impression on students. Explore their feedback on the overall tour experience…

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