The Many Varied & Talented Edinburgh Fringe Street Performers

Last updated: Feb 6th, 2024

One thing that stands out at the buzzing Edinburgh Fringe is what seems like the almost endless list of street performers – the city is bursting with them!

As we attended the event recently we’ve listed some of our favourite and standout’s below!

A trendy guitarist plays and sings on the Royal Mile during the Edinburgh Fringe.


Musicians & Singers

Before you even get to the beating heart of Fringe, the Royal Mile, you can hear the cool and super skilled musicians just generating a feel good buzz!

We experienced so many too. Here are some of our favourites:

✔ Brilliant and powerful singers
✔ One-man bands playing drum, bass and guitar all at the time time!
✔ Super trendy keyboardists
✔ Classic acoustic sing-a-along Scottish ditties
✔ Solo bagpipers
✔ Bagpipers with drum accompaniment
✔ Traditional jazz
✔ And a fun violin and cello quartet who played the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme tune as well as a doubles tennis match where the sound of their instruments mimicked racket hitting ball (we’re still smiling at the thought!).


Get ready to get your hands over your eyes as the number of acrobats doing insane stunts on display are incredible!

There were classic fire-eaters, jugglers, block builders, 10ft stilt walkers, quirky performers dressed in standout costumes and acrobats who performed nervy blade balancing tricks (we could barely look).

Some were outright edgy and daring, some were fierce and funny, but all were totally engaging.


‘We did a lot of wandering around watching the street entertainment. Brilliant!’

Liane, Fab Choir




Looking for a beautiful and incredible piece of art? Then step forward the many exciting and skilled artists bringing vibrancy and colour to every historic street and staircase of Fringe.

All stylish and all clearly brilliant, you could get lost just in the amount of art to discover (and we did!). There’s henna tattoos, caricature, fine art, calligraphy, painters, human statues and sketchers are just a few of the incredible wide range of artists we experienced.

Wellingborough Gospel Choir, led by their Choir Director, clap and sing on top of the Mound during the Edinburgh Fringe.


Musical Groups

And then there’s the music groups we get to the Edinburgh Fringe too! We use our excellent venue contacts to book your performance times at a wide range of exciting and electric places, but whilst there you could also have the chance to play at The Mound.


‘I mean, I cried. And I think a few others did as well. That was just quite a moment, a moment none of us will ever forget.’

Ruth Bowe, Wellingborough Gospel Choir



The Mound is a prestigious slot in the Fringe calendar which performers organise directly with the festival. And when you’re there, you can see why.

Wellingborough Gospel Choir were the choir who had a Saturday 6pm slot and they brought tons of atmosphere, character, song, dancing, and created a truly unforgettable experience for their choristers and, of course, the audience members.

Street Performers are Just the Start!

The above type of street performers are only the types we saw whilst there for a weekend in mid-August. The whole city is buzzing with them all month long and they are just the start.

Edinburgh Fringe is utterly alive and electric and something that, quite simply, needs to be experienced and discovered.

So if you thinking about attending the Scottish capital in the month of August, then call or email us and one of our friendly and knowledgeable Tour Consultants will have a good old chinwag with you about what makes the perfect trip for you and your group.


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