Alps, Banking & A Particle Accelerator: The 3 sides of Grammar School Nicosia’s Brilliant Swiss Adventure

Last updated: Apr 24th, 2024

We recently had the pleasure of planning an incredible international trip to Switzerland for the Grammar School Nicosia from Cyprus. They wanted their students to experience a tour that combined visits that would enhance their learning in a multitude of subjects – geography, economics and physics!

We spoke to teacher and party leader, Vasso Georgiades, who guided us through what the trip meant to the students, why her school planned the experience, and what it gave to her pupils that classroom learning couldn’t.

Lifetime memories and a vast array of students broadening their horizon made this trip unique and unforgettable in so many ways!

The Main Aim of Combining 3 Subjects

Chatting with Vasso was incredibly inspiring, and when asked about the reason for combining the 3 subjects of geography, economics and physics in one tour, her answer said it all…



‘It’s an opportunity for students to gain experience of a combination of topics, stimulate motivation, broaden horizons, finalise topics to take for their uni degree, gain knowledge about other subjects they may not know about and see real world examples of subjects they’re studying…’

Vasso Georgiades, The Grammar School Nicosia



First Stop – Meeting Their Tour Manager, Richard

A meet with their talented Tour Manager was the first stop! Richard is one of our Senior Tour Co-ordinators and has a wealth of experience planning unforgettable trips. During the planning process he built a relationship with Vasso that meant she always felt confident and at ease asking Richard for help or guidance during the tour.

The memories ahead of them were, quite simply, stunning AND unforgettable.


‘Richard is so helpful, so patient – fantastic!’

Vasso Georgiades, The Grammar School Nicosia



Geographic Learning – From the Top of a Mountain

Chatting with Vasso was impactful and gave a huge insight into what a tour means for teachers and students. Flying from Cyprus and touching down for the FIRST time in Switzerland is, understandably, exciting for everyone involved. Well, trust the experience was cemented in everyone’s mind on the first day!

Using the Aiguille Du Midi Cable Car and coming through the clouds to see awe-inspiring and captivating peaks was an out-of-this-world experience. Then on to the incredible man-made Mer de Glace – which is an ice cave in which you can be fully immersed!


‘Geography was really beneficial to our students – with the guide asking them to identify the landscape and continuous questions throughout’

Vasso Georgiades, the Grammar School Nicosia


Just imagine, being in the sunnier and drier climes of Cyprus the day before, then soaking in the cold and the snow and row after row of mountains zig-zagging as far as the eye can see – and a man-made ice-cave to top it all off – the day after!

As far as gaining real world experience and seeing places in the flesh they’d only seen on screens or books, these first two geography themed excursions were of a massive benefit to the students from the Grammar School of Nicosia and must have felt like a lifetime event!


Physics Learning – From Inside CERN

Imagine being able to take your students to CERN, where the very atomical secrets of the universe are being searched for each and every day. That’s what Vasso was able to do for her students.

Classroom learning brings a vast array of benefits, but when it comes to grasping the concepts in the real world, excursions to places like CERN are second to none!

Guided tours around labs, an Anti-Matter collider and even a chance to chat with scientists in the canteen gave students a huge breadth of lifetime memories. The best part? They were building on the foundations of their classroom education, with the whole experience perfectly suited to align with and enhance their school curriculum.


‘The tour was very well organised and the students met scientists and saw real world examples’

Vasso Georgiades, The Grammar School Nicosia



Economics Learning at Maison Gruyeres and Nestle!

Getting the most out of the trip is, of course, our absolute priority! So can you think of a better way than giving your students a hands-on experience that aligns with their economical studies than a chocolate making master class in the Nestle factory?

Neither can we!

The Grammar school also visited Maison Gruyeres (where the world-famous cheese is made). Both factories are excellent insights into how long standing and successful businesses work.


‘Students saw the production process and got the feel of what’s going on – as well as making their own chocolate and learning how beans were brought to Europe’

Vasso Georgiades, The Grammar School Nicosia



Not only that, but the Grammar school also strolled the breath-taking and historic streets of Geneva for a guided tour of all things banking. That’s full immersion into one aspect of economics that you definitely couldn’t find in the classroom.


‘They’ll carry memories for the rest of their life’

Outstanding excursions and experiences where Vasso and the Grammar School of Nicosia truly got a real-world taste of the subjects they’re studying (for their absolutely stuffed itinerary – see below). Not only that, but students also got to explore other subjects in an exciting and very real setting too.

Again, Vasso put it best when explaining what the students gained from their unforgettable trip to Switzerland.


Educationally, it stimulated interest with real world examples that were part of the curriculum. Socially, the bonding was fantastic – with students coming out of their shell, showing independence – and they’ll carry those memories for the rest of their life.’

Vasso Georgiades, The Grammar School Nicosia



Any More Trips for the Grammar School Nicosia?

When asked about future trips, Vasso talked about exciting places like Italy and our very own shores in the UK – all including multiple subjects and the potential for another brilliant series of unforgettable lifetime memories.


Explore the School’s absolutely stuffed and immersive itinerary:

Day 1:

• Travel to Switzerland
• Free time spent bowling and eating

Day 2:

• Left stunned by their trip in the Aiguille du Midi Cable Car up Chamonix Mont Blanc
• Train to Mer de Glace (Ice Cave)
• Free time where they explored and became fully immersed in the stunning Ice Cave


Beneficial to Students Because:

• Incredible chances of real world experience of identifying landscapes
• Immersed in man-made and natural types of geography

Students from the Grammar School Nicosia pose in Cyprus before they get on the plane.

Day 3

• Berneuse Cable Car from Leysin
• Lunch and ferry across Lake Geneva
• Free time in Balexert Centre

Day 4

• Maison du Gruyeres and Nestle Chocolate Factory visits engaged students with different sides of each business. They got to make and eat their own chocolate too!
• Free time in the evening

Beneficial to Students because:

• Chances to see a different, greener type of landscape with Berneuse Cable Car over Leysin
• A moment to rest, think and be inspired with the tranquil Lake Geneva waters
• Being engaged and learning about different aspects of two long-lasting cheese and chocolate businesses – with a chance to get hands-on at Nestle!

Grammar School of Nicosia students pose in front of Lake Geneva.

Day 5

• Visit to CERN
• Free time to shop

Day 6

• Guided banking tour around Geneva
• Visit of History of Science Museum
• Travel home


Beneficial to Students because

• Students experienced and learnt about incredible physics at CERN. Excited, they even got the chance to talk to scientists whilst being guided and when in the canteen too!
• Explored the history of Science Museum
• Educated about the history of banking in Geneva with a fully immersive tour in the city!

Grammar School Nicosia students and Vasso pose for a photo on their coach.

Stunning Switzerland with 3 Subjects!

Has this sparked your interest in a tour, that supports the curriculum, where you can bring together 3 subjects and allow your students to broaden their understanding in a range of educational subjects? Maybe you’re an international school and are unsure where to start?

Not to worry, as we can help you every step of the way, tailor-making your tour from your idea right through to the day of travel -and taking care of you during your tour to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We’ll take care of the travel, accommodation, excursions and so much more, which means you and your students can focus on crafting long lasting memories and becoming fully immersed in the education of the real world.


‘I would definitely recommend Rayburn!’

Vasso Georgiades, The Grammar School Nicosia



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