A Year for Sport in Paris

Last updated: Sep 21st, 2023

The Rugby World Cup, Paralympics, and the Olympic games all in one year! What a time for sporting fanatics to be visiting the beautiful city of Paris. It’s no wonder Paris is becoming one of our most popular destinations for sports tours. We all remember the excitement, buzz, and atmosphere that the London 2012 Olympics gave us all, and we’ll all be feeling the same from just across the water. Here at Rayburn Tours we are already excited for the Rugby World Cup and are taking part in a sweepstake. Which team will win the trophy this year?

Let’s take a look at the sporting events happening around Paris this year.

The Rugby World Cup



With around 600,000 tourists expecting to visit France during the games, Paris have kicked off the sporting event at the Stade de France, with France off to a soaring start defeating New Zealand 27-13.

Rugby matches are taking place all around the country, making it a great way for fans to explore more of what France has to offer.  A great sporting atmosphere in every corner of France, especially with the team being the 3rd favourite to win! Stay tuned for the final on the 28th of October. Come on England!

The Olympic Games



Over 200 countries in one city, Paris will be hosting the Olympic Games on their 100-year anniversary since the games in 1924. As the countries unite, our favourite athletic celebrities will be competing for their country to win the Olympics!

Break dancing will be making its debut in addition to the three new sports, climbing, skateboarding, and surfing that was introduced to the programme in Tokyo 2020. This upcoming year is the most memorable time to visit the city and the countdown begins as the Olympics starts on the 26th of July 2024.

The Paralympic Games



Wanting more sports? Paris will have the Paralympic Games straight after the Olympic Games for 12 days. Paris is really creating their legacy to be one to remember, with the Olympics and Paralympics becoming the most sustainable games ever, and for the first time in Olympic history, Paris will be holding their opening ceremony for the games outside of the stadium and on the River Seine! This will be a showstopper!

While Paris is busy creating new traditions, in the Paralympics will anyone beat China who have won the most gold medals since 2004? Or will Brazil be keeping their reigning champion title in football 5 a side? We find out within the upcoming year.

Come on Team GB!

Join in the fun and celebrations that France has to offer, it is going to be a year of energy, excitement, and all things sports, even the build-up is exciting! A great bonus for anyone going on tour to France in 2024. With the media providing a positive coverage on Paris, sports will come into play for tourists, along with Paris’s beauty, art, and culture. So, it’s time to get your voo voo zellas out and celebrate in France no matter where you are travelling to.

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