4 Subjects in 1! The Grammar School Nicosia’s Incredible International Trip to London

Last updated: Apr 24th, 2024

If you want your international trip to pack a punch, then including 4 subjects in 1 brilliantly organised tour might just do it!

That’s exactly how Vasso Georgiades from the Grammar School Nicosia from Cyprus felt too.

After their brilliant Swiss adventure, she wanted to give her students even more real world experiences that combined topics, stimulated motivation, widened horizons and finalised university subjects. And add to that a hefty dose of opportunity for pupils to boost their confidence, independence, relationships and chances to create lifetime memories, she asked we bring all that together in the subjects of art, law, politics and history.

We crafted a tour that really hit the mark. But don’t take our words for it – here’s what Vasso had to say…


The Brilliant Thing About Bringing 4 Subjects Together, is…


Chatting with Educational Trips Coordinator, Vasso, about their London tour, it was clear to see the energy, the feel-good vibes, the smiles and the bucketload of unforgettable memories all bursting within her mind – she didn’t know where to begin!

So we started with one of the main themes of the tour – combining the 4 topics of art, law, politics and history. And when bringing together those 4 diverse and varied subjects, Vasso outlined perfectly why it gives your tour that extra edge.


‘Cross-curricular trips widen and enhance students learning – helping them visualise and observe important cultural, artistic, historical and contemporary artefacts.’

Vasso Georgiades, The Grammar School Nicosia



Familiar standpoints of learning for any tour! But as you’ll see, those were just the start of a quite incredible trip. Here’s the schools experience unpacked even further…


A Packed House of a Tour!

To say the tour was stuffed with excursions brimming with time for students to boost their educational and social skills is an understatement!

There were 6 days of go, go, go – the itinerary bursting with diverse and spectacular sights, like the Imperial War Museum, the Tate Modern, the Houses of Parliament, His Majesty’s Theatre, and the Supreme Court (which was a real standout for the group, but more on that later…).

All covered one of those subjects the school wanted and we weaved them into a seamless and full-throttle trip, including travel, accommodation and excursions. But to get a handle on how each subject excelled outside of the classroom, here’s how the tour gave equal weight and place to each topic.


‘I don’t have the words – it was all fantastic!’

Vasso Georgiades, The Grammar School Nicosia




4 girls from the Grammar School Nicosia pose in front of a bit of pop art in a museum in London.


The world of art was blown wide open for the students from the Grammar School Nicosia. Instead of viewing cropped and not true to scale pieces of art on a 2D screen or textbook, they got to view the real thing – and there were was so much to see too!

Whether it was the over 2.8 million different types of artworks and designs, which focus on over 5000 years of human creativity, in the V&A. Or the appreciation and documentation of modern and contemporary art from the 16th century to the present day at the Tate Modern.

Or right down to one of the greatest collections of paintings in the world at the National Gallery, the students experienced the scope, the power, the beauty, and got the chance to truly appreciate art as an item and a subject.

What a visually stunning way to enhance their artistic skillset and knowledge!


It was enormously difficult for Vasso to pick a standout moment on this tour, but one that really fit the bill was the Grammar School’s visit to the Supreme Court and the Houses of Parliament – covering two overlapping subjects in incredible, tangible surroundings.

They really got under the hood of legal processes and could see how they were applied in real life when they visited the Supreme Court, where they viewed 2 hearings – facts, numbers, and even the verdicts themselves!


‘The aim of our educational trips is to offer unforgettable experiences and opportunities which motivate, engage, enrich and inspire our students!’

Vasso Georgiades, The Grammar School Nicosia




To reinforce the viewing of how law is applied, and to better get to grips with UK politics, they also got to see where laws are made and political debates are thrashed out: the Houses of Parliament!

Law and politics greatly overlap, and seeing the above two spaces allowed the school to really meet the curriculum needs of those subjects.

Fully capturing the student’s attention, it broadened horizons, enhanced learning, evolved their perception, allowed them to see where law and politics are applied and made, as well as created, an unforgettable and educational experience for each and every one of them.


Grammar School Nicosia students and a teacher pose outside, on a sunny day, in front of the Imperial War Museum in London.

London is absolutely jam-packed with reminders of the past, and it’s one of the top reasons the school from Cyprus picked the UK’s capital. So it’s no surprise that when it came to history they were well and truly covered!

The aim of the trip from a history standpoint was to allow students to get hands on with real life objects and places to widen the students’ knowledge on the role of Britian in both World Wars. And the trip definitely delivered in that regard!

Students discovered a full breadth of Britain’s involvement in the wars with eye-opening visits to The Imperial War Museum and even Churchill’s War Room, giving them an impactful out-of-classroom experience.


‘The tour brought students out of their shells and was a real confidence and independence booster – they’ll carry those memories for the rest of their lives!’

Vasso Georgiades, The Grammar School Nicosia



Incredibly, there were even more excursions…


Trust, the group really got every last ounce from their trip. But to wring every last drop dry, they even had time to take in some cultural hotspots of London.

They enjoyed the London Eye, The London Eye River Cruise, St Paul’s Cathedral and even got time to take in a show – the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ at His Majesty’s Theatre!

Meaning students not only upgraded their knowledge database in the subjects of art, law, politics and history, but got vital chances to boost their confidence, make new friends, strengthen their independence and create memories that they’ll carry for the rest of their lives.

‘Took any worries and stress away’…

Absolutely incredible and unforgettable moments, but what made it super smooth and enjoyable for staff especially, is the expert planning and organisation by Rayburn.

Because we’d crafted the perfect tour to align with Vasso and the Grammar School’s objectives, it meant pure focus could be channelled to fulfilling each and every one of those educational milestones.


Explore the School’s absolutely stuffed and immersive itinerary

Day 1:

  • Travel to London
  • Visit to the British Museum & free time

Day 2:

  • Visit the Imperial War Museum
  • Time to appreciate where UK politics are debated and laws made with a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament


Beneficial to Students Because:

  • Unbelievable chances to get a taste of real world politics
  • Able to get a deeper understanding of Britian’s role in the World War

Students from the Grammar School Nicosia pose in front of Buckingham Palace

Day 3:

  • Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) visit
  • Experience the Tate Modern
  • Free time in the evening

Day 4:

  • View 2 hearings and verdicts at the Supreme Court
  • Churchill War Rooms
  • Hard Rock Café meal
  • ‘Phantom of the Opera’ at His Majesty’s Theatre


Beneficial to Students Because:

  • Chance to see over 2.8 million pieces of art & design at the V&A
  • Broaden their artistic perception even further with the Tate Modern
  • Free time allowed time for building social skills!
  • The STANDOUT moment of the Supreme Court
  • War Rooms provided even further context and understanding to British wartime history
  • The brilliant theatre visit: ‘There are no words – fantastic!’, Vasso

Students and staff sit at a table and pose for a photo.

Day 5:

  • The National Gallery, London Eye & The London Eye River Cruise
  • Green Room Restaurant & free time

Day 6:

  • St Paul’s Cathedral visit
  • Free time
  • Travel back to Cyprus


Beneficial to Students Because:

  • Take in the cultural hotspots of the London Eye, the River Cruise & Cathedral gave chances to boost confidence, strengthen relationships, boost independence and create lifetime memories

Girl students pose for a photo, whilst sitting down on a central bench in a red room with paintings, in a museum in London.

Looking for your multi-subject tour?

It has to be said, the Grammar School Nicosia experienced a truly spectacular, brilliant, insightful, educational, social boosting and simply unforgettable multi-subject tour!

The best part? We’ve got a wide range of fantastic destinations that cater to a breadth of topics. So if you’re looking for that next shot of inspiration to inject learning outside of the classroom, call or email us today and we can get the ball rolling.


‘Undoubtedly, Rayburn Tours offers well organised trips and unforgettable experiences!’

Vasso Georgiades, The Grammar School Nicosia


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