Paris’s Future Legacy After the Olympic Games

Last updated: Sep 29th, 2023

We all love a bit of green in the world, and Paris’s future legacy seems to be set on hosting the most sustainable Olympic Games ever! With the environment becoming more and more vital in today’s world, its important as a business to learn from other environmental objectives, to help us grow into a better sustainable company. There is always room for improvement, and we love adapting to change! It’s what the travel industry is about.

And here we learn how Paris are creating the most sustainable Olympic Games!


Who doesn’t love a free pen or goody bag at events? Well, Paris will be offering free access to transport for ticket holders for the games. Paris aim to have 100% of fans to either travel by rail, bus, or walk to watch the games. So, make sure you show your golden ticket for free transportation!


As fans from all over the world come together, there is no doubt that tourists are going to want to explore more of Europe. France’s reliable rail networks will be connecting to more European capital cities as well as cities around France. What a year to be travelling!


A lot of cities who have hosted the Olympic Games have ended up with abandoned stadiums, and the effects of new build projects can impact the environment. Paris aims to improve this by reusing current and temporary stadiums as well as using landmarks around the city to transform them into sporting arenas. The whole of Paris will become one big arena.

Air conditioning

Some great innovation here and an effective way to help the environment. The Olympic organisers have planned to use no air conditioning during the Olympics. So how are the athletes meant to keep cool during the summer? After keeping the Louvre cool during a heatwave with an underground water-cooling system, the Olympics will be using the same mechanism to keep athletes cool in the village.


The Olympic Games will be the biggest catering event that Paris has ever held. Returnable catering for take away drinks and food will be provided during the games, to ensure that everything provided is recyclable. As well as thinking about recyclable catering for fans, all plate ware from the Olympic Village will be reused for future events after the games. Can you imagine in the future using the same plate ware Usain Bolt used during the Olympics?

What can we do?

Here are Rayburn Tours we love everything sustainable and do our bit to help the environment. For the Olympic Games to create a big impact on the environment, businesses like us can take some tips and tricks from the big event. If you would like to see what we are doing to becoming a sustainable company, click on the link below and visit our sustainability hub and you can see how we make the business and our tours environmentally friendly.

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