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Multi-Sports Tour

Last updated: Dec 11th, 2023

Did you know we can create a tailor made itinerary for multi-sports tours, and it’s cost  effective? That’s right! You don’t have to think about organising multiple tours for the year, making it budget friendly and less frantic having to plan several tours for your teams. So, get those seats filled on your coaches! The more teams you have the greater the opportunities for increased numbers to travel.  Bring a wider group of players and your tour will be filled with excitement, team spirit and passion for all things sport. This is a great experience for players from different sporting backgrounds to bond and create new friendships.


How is this different to a single sport tour?  

Multi-sports tours can be like a single sports tour regarding excursions, destinations, and fixtures on tour. There are more considerations for multi sports tours, but nothing that our team aren’t accustomed to dealing with. If you provide us with a vision, we can make the following points happen to perfect your tour.

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Match Lengths

Different sports have different match lengths, which we will account for when building your itinerary. Just tell us how many games you want and we will balance your games along with your excursions to ensure your players get the most out of their tour

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Total players from each sport

There needs to be enough interest in each sport to fill the required teams. We can determine what combination of sport is ideal for your school for a multi-sport tour. Target and allocate the launch of the tour to specific sports so you are guaranteed full teams. Gathering interest before booking is a great way to decide whether your group would be suited for single sport tours or multi-sport tours. 

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Training and match locations

All sports teams could have different matches at different locations. We will ensure you that all teams are transported to each game smoothly, even if they were in different locations and at a crossover

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Bigger tour

A Multi-Sport tours is going to interest a lot of players when you are ready to launch it. But that’s never a negative. The more people you have on the tour the more cost effective it will be

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What small add ins can help a multi-sports tour 


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Mutual Excursions

Excursions will need to be mutual for all teams if your group have one coach. Activities such as bowling, mini golfing, walking tours, boat tours and theme parks are great for diverse groups. Live sports are also great for sporting fanatics, especially a football match which could be followed by a stadium tour where you can look behind the scenes of a game. We will make sure the excursions fits everyone’s interests. 

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Extra coach

Having an extra coach on tour could be more beneficial than you think. Consider this as the ultimate tour of the year with lots of interests. It makes travel easier for multiple groups when you reach your destination, especially with games that could be in different locations. We will communicate with you what we think the best solution is for your school and why. 

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Accuracy with your team ratings

Tell us how good your team are, don’t put a blanket rating on your teams. Be specific with each team individually so we can find a fixture that matches your groups standard to make it fun and competitive for your players. The more accurate you are with your standards the better!

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Time management

If you have one coach on tour, just be conscious of time. Consider your fixture drop offs, transfer times between multiple locations and the current traffic. It may take longer than usual to get from point to point. During the operation process of your tour planning, we will take into consideration your transport and add more leeway to getting to and from fixtures, excursions, and mealtimes to ensure you don’t miss a second of your itinerary. 


Netball game with 4 girls on a court with a netball ball.

What sports can I combine? 



Football Netball Rugby Hockey Cricket


Rest of the World 

Football Netball Rugby Hockey Cricket
New York
Abu Dhabi
Vancouver & Seattle v
South Africa
Sri Lanka
New Zealand

It’s time to blow the whistle

Take this opportunity to merge multiple sports teams together and keep the energy and team spirit alive for the duration of the tour. Why not include a bit of pro coaching in your tour for your teams? This is an experience they would not stop talking about!

With these tips and considerations in mind, you’re ready to start planning your multi sports tour. Take a look at the table to see what destination suits each sport, and head over to our trip pages for multi sports tours for sample itineraries.

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