Meet Morocco… Africa’s Golden-Hued Gateway to Geographical Discovery!

Last updated: Jan 10th, 2024

Morocco is a land steeped in vibrant culture, colourful contrasts and authentic experiences – perfect for your next geography trip!

From the Marrakech Souk to sand dunes in the Sahara and high mountains covered in snow, Morocco is effortlessly full of geographical marvels that have stood the test of time.

Like planets to the sun, life in Morocco revolves around these fascinating and versatile landscapes. People and place, traditional and modern, simple and grand, all coexist in perfect harmony.

Let’s take a look at how hearty tradition and modern-day magic intertwine here…

Marrakech – Variety is the Spice of Life!

Markets can be traced back to the early existence of mankind and the Marrakech Souks are no different. These vibrant pockets of tradition offer students a rich, historic and authentic experience, teaching them the complexities of people and trade.


An enticing labyrinth of vibrant shops and colourful stalls, the souks are famed for being one of the most exotic places to shop in the world. Selling everything from spices to jewellery, you can spend a day seeking out rare and alluring souvenirs amongst the bustling vibes of Marrakech.


Ian described to us the contrasts of Morocco – “At one level, it’s very traditional, but in another level, it’s very modern. We experience the tradition, the excitement of the spice-scented souks, the medinas and the bartering and the noise and the square with people.”


Beyond the Medina, there is also a modern side to Marrakech. From high-end boutiques to art galleries and museums, the city has not been left behind in economical and architectural developments!

The Sahara Desert – Sand Dunes and Sunsets

A visit to the Sahara Desert, once a green oasis and now the world’s largest desert, is a must-see while in Morocco.


The unique landscape offers students a truly unparalleled and authentic experience, from farm visits to ceremonial traditional singing, dancing and drumming. There’s plenty of time to walk around the desert edge village, interact with locals, take a sunset camel ride into the sand dunes and with no light pollution, even admire crystal clear star constellations at night!


This setting is far from barren when it comes to experiences, and modern-day tourism has completely transformed the experience, with options like luxurious glamping options available for those seeking a mix of modern comfort and authentic discovery!

The Atlas Mountains – The Crack Between the Puzzle Pieces

The Atlas Mountains separate the Sahara Desert from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. And within these spectacular formations are Rural Berber villages that offer students a glimpse into traditional ways that have remained intact for hundreds of years.


Students get to journey across this massive mountain range, from the Marrakech Plain via the high Tizi-n-Tichka and see the dramatic contrast in physical and human landscapes. Sedimentary strata offer an insight into plate tectonics and fold mountain formation, whilst rejuvenated rivers and classic incised meanders can be seen.


On the modern flip side, students can study migration patterns in this region, as younger generations are moving away from their native lifestyle to cities richer in economy and opportunity.


This landscape even provides education in terms of pop culture – students can visit the world’s largest film studio, Atlas Studios, covering over 322,000 square feet of desert. Based 5 miles outside of Ouarzazate, it’s served as the set for popular films such as Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Star Wars and The Mummy. Take a tour of the studios and look out for the prop jet plane from Jewel of the Nile and the Colosseum used in Gladiator!

You Can’t Forget the Food – A Tagine of Cultural Influence

Moroccan cuisine is made up of a melting pot of diverse influences – Arab, Berber, African, Mediterranean, European – the lot!

From subtle saffron to sweet cous cous and slow cooked meats, the culinary experience in Morocco is second to none!

You’ll find authentic and traditional in the Souks and local restaurants, and gastro and fine dining takes on the cuisine in modern districts.

Small in Size But Immense in Discovery!

With strong links worldwide, Morocco can be seen to be looking forward. But even so, the country remains deep rooted in beautiful tradition, and it’s melting pot of warm and vibrant culture remains!

This blog only scratches the surface of all Morocco has to offer budding geographers – to smell the spices, hear the hustle and bustle and see the magnificent landscapes is something words and pictures just can’t quite capture.

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