The FULL History Educational Experience: With Upton Court Grammar School

Last updated: Jan 31st, 2024

History is the past, present and future – it’s quite simply everything! The future plays on our mind. The present unfolds before our very eyes. And the complex layers of the past unravel through time. History is people. History is place. History is perspective. History is… Space? Enough – you get the point!

Upton Court Grammar School’s history teacher and Assistant Head, Stephen, like us, understands the relevance of history and value in history trip experiences.

So, we thought, who better to chat with! Upton Court Grammar School has been travelling with us for years, from Ski to History trips, so we weren’t short of things to talk about! Take a look…

Insight to Inspiration


We’re lucky enough to be sent photo albums that capture all kinds of incredible moments. But we wanted to know what happens after these experiences. And Stephen had his answer…


You definitely see an increase in interest in the subject. We can tangibly track in our data the impact on student uptake into A-level, and those who go on the trips are far more likely to find that passion for the subject. In COVID-19 years, when we didn’t run the trips, uptake numbers dropped because they weren’t running – so you can see it!


Stephen Perrin
Assistant Head, Upton Court Grammar School




Why Teach History?

Stephen’s passion for history and teaching cannot be understated. We’re very fortunate to work with such dedicated teachers across the country – the dialogue between us and a client is far more exciting when we’re bouncing ideas off each other to tailor the trip just right!

He went on to say, “I love working with young people. I love working with the kids, particularly when you’ve been teaching in the same place for a while. I’m in my eighth year at this school, and I’ve taught students from the age of 11 to 19. For me, it’s the tangible impact of what you do. You teach a student, you watch them grow and develop in front of your eyes and then you watch them go off into the real world. There’s few jobs where you can see the impact of your work so clearly.”


I get to do history all day. You know, there’s not very many jobs where you get to just do what you love and talk about what you love all day.

Stephen Perrin
Assistant Head, Upton Court Grammar School




A Surplus of Stories

Stephen describes history as limitless stories waiting to be unravelled.


I just love the stories. History is the story of the world. I love telling stories and I love reading stories. I think the minute you start seeing history as a story, it becomes much more fascinating than just looking at it as a textbook list of facts.

Stephen Perrin
Assistant Head, Upton Court Grammar School



A Special Moment: The Last Post Ceremony

“There was classical music in the background from local community groups. We were the only school there, and our head boy and head girl went and laid the wreath and took part in the whole ceremony. We all stood at the side and watched on – it was probably the most powerful moment of my career so far.

It was touching. It was amazing. They represented the school, they represented the country, and they represented our community fantastically! And what an experience for them to be able to get out into the real world and say that in front of hundreds of people!”

History Tour Guides

History tour guides connect the dots for you. Stephen talked about his experience with our incredible history guide, Trever Booker, explaining how “his depth of knowledge was superb, and his local knowledge was something we could never have done.”


Why Rayburn?

According to Stephen, our little gestures count. Free resources, extra insight, going that extra mile, make a difference – and we’re glad to hear it!

For Stephen, it’s all about communication. He says, “it’s the little details which help smooth out the planning process for teachers – those little details are massively important! Teachers are so busy!”

According to Stephen, what puts teachers off is not usually the trip itself, it’s the logistics of it all! Understandably, it’s incredibly hard to coordinate a trip alone among all the other demands teacher’s face!


A Captivatingly Complex Subject

And there we have it, Stephen’s quick take on history, his experiences through teaching and history trip memories, all in a nutshell!

If you’d like your students to be a part of discovering the world through history, talk to our team!

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