Bringing History to Life: The Tools and Techniques Behind Our Successful Trips 

Last updated: Oct 27th, 2023

History is not just about the past, it’s also vital in understanding our present and forging our future! That’s why we offer immersive history trips that spark student’s curiosity, drive learning, and instil a deep appreciation of the world’s rich cultural legacy.   

To bring these fascinating periods of history to life, we have a vast array of tools at our disposal! Discover the fascinating tales of heroism, bloodshed and battles… Learn about the monumental landmarks and the shrouded secrets that have remained hidden for years!  

Delve a little deeper into the exciting world of history with us…  

History-rich Destinations

Our destinations are hand-picked to align with current curriculums, and they explore the rich and diverse history of various time periods.  


The Normandy coast bears the historical weight of the greatest invasion in modern history, D-Day. Changing the course of the Second World War, allied forces shattered the seemingly impenetrable defences of the German army, paving the way to their ultimate victory in the heart of Berlin, Germany!  

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin


By contrast, prepare to be captivated by the complex history that lies beneath the vibrant urban culture of Berlin. Witness first-hand the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, a symbol of division and reconciliation, and pay your respects at poignant war memorials that serve as powerful reminders of the persecutions of the Nazi era.  

Ypres & The Somme

Embrace a journey through time and walk in soldiers’ footsteps with a history trip to the Western Front, a significant and tragic period in world history!  Unravel the scars of an engineering feat that once stretched for miles, from the Belgian coast to the Swiss border, and brought soldiers from all corners of the world together for a single purpose.

History Guides

Our devoted history tour guides transport students back in time, immersing them in the intricacies of historical periods.  

History guides help keep students engaged – no easy task but one they make look effortless!  


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FREE Resources

Check out our FREE history resources too – use them to inspire and educate in the classroom, before and long after your trip! Our history trips serve as the catalyst for igniting a deep passion for history.


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Dedicated Tour Managers

All of our trips are designed to work successfully as independently led tours, but sometimes it’s nice to have a helping hand. Our Tour Managers can provide on-hand support and ensure your trip runs smoothly, making life that little bit easier.

They’ll help with the practical and logistical arrangements of your tour, with many being able to speak the local language. A great option for party leaders who’d prefer to have more time to focus on their group.


Company Training sessions

We’re constantly striving for new adventures and fresh insights, to shape every journey and exceed your group’s expectations. Our expert history guides’ recent visit to our HQ gave us the latest on destinations, curriculums as well as deep historical insight!

Ancient artefacts and incredible insights, great company and great brews – what a way to spend a day at the office!


Great Relationships with Suppliers

We pride ourselves in having great working relationships with our suppliers. Words can’t describe how essential and valuable these connections are in ensuring trips run smoothly, different requirements are catered to, and those special little moments make your trip!


A Whole Toolkit!

We know that every detail counts! That’s why we have an extensive toolkit of resources at our disposable to make your history trip the best it can be!

Contact our team to learn more about the many components that work together to have our history trips be a truly exceptional, well-oiled machine.


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