A Sicilian Stunner – 11 Incredible Excursions That Need to Be Experienced!

Last updated: Jan 25th, 2024

Steeped in geographic elements, diverse peoples and historic civilisations, Sicily is an island with a tapestry of cohesive parts which showcase a truly vibrant picture of Mediterranean life – making it simply perfect for your school tour.

But what are the best excursions to fully understand and get under the skin of this pretty isle in Southern Italy and give your students bundles of unforgettable, immersive, impactful memories and moments?

We’ve got 11 of the best below!

Mount Etna

Let’s start at the massive Mount Etna, which is the highest active volcano in Europe! Covering a huge area, the fiery giant is bursting with a vast array of immersive and impactful excursions. Take a peek…

Gorgeous views. Volcanic education. Lifetime memories. Anything else?


Mount Etna landscape with trekkers in the midground and a blue, cloudy sky.

Guided Trek on Stromboli

If your volcanic thirst is still unsatiated, then a guided trek up the Aeolian Island’s summit of Stromboli should probably be on your list too!

Get midway up the mountain with an experienced guide to view the gigantic collapsed scar slicing it’s way through the flank of this giant, the Sciara Del Fuoco (Stream of Fire).

Guided Trek up Gran Cratere, Vulcano

Immerse yourself in the panoramic vistas and culture of the Aeolian Island Vulcano by gifting your students a rare and treasured experience of trekking Gran Cratere.

Steaming fumaroles and lively sulphur deposits abound – students can even run down one side in deep ash! One for the scrapbook.

Sabbie Nere

After the stunning and scenic panoramic vistas of Gran Cratere in Vulcano, unearth the black sand wonders of Sabbie Nere. A short walk from bubbling mud pools, the glassy waters plus rising rock towers of the bay are captivating. It’s also one of the few sandy beaches in all of the Aeolian archipelago.


Lipari, Panarea, Stromboli Islands Boat Trip

The Aeolian Islands boast 7 stunning and individual isles all packed with a unique character and culture. Hop on the boat and view 3 incredible landscapes: Lipari, Panarea and Stromboli.

There’s the largest, Lipari, enticing discovery, the smallest Panarea oozing style and the volcanic Stromboli at the end of the day. Watch awe-struck students at every stop. Classic and exclusive summer season fare.


Giardini Naxos

Experience the tumbling and jagged landscape of Sicily’s coast at Giardini Naxos, where the Naxos Bay serves stunning examples of coastal erosion.


In sight of the spectacular Etna, see first-hand unsuccessful attempts to manage the coastline and more modern sustainable techniques, like flood defences.


A fantastic stop for studying tourism – where students can compare and contrast this town with Taormina – Giardini is also conveniently close to the Alcantara Gorge’s basalt walls.


Journey through gorgeous medieval streets, awash in a myriad of historic cultures, in the idyllic setting perched on a stunning rocky outcrop in North Sicily: it’s age-old and marvel of the ancients, Taormina.

Strewn with a dizzying number of invigorating shops, restaurants and winding streets enticing adventure, the Greek/Roman Amphitheatre is well worth a visit.

Absorb thousands of years of history and culture and the undeniable vista of a theatre, rugged terrain, bright Ionian Sea, and a smoky Mount Etna, all in one. A natural artistic masterpiece, right before your very eyes!

Pizza-making, Taormina

Treat your students to the classic Italian pizza in the enticing Taormina! Prepare it the authentic way, hand-pressing the dough before sliding it into the rustic wood-fired oven with a pizza peel. Is there a more scrumptious way to taste Sicilian culture?

Probably not…


Hands on a kitchen counter making pizza.


Alcantara Gorge

Dial up the dramatic with an outstanding visit to the Alcantara Gorge!

Formed over thousands of years ago by cold river water cutting through Etna lava, the stunning basalt columns are a treasure trove of geographic education littered with warm and traditional Italian villages along its waterways.

Get the phones ready, Insta’s about to light up!

Agrigento, The Valley of the Temples

Nestled in the UNESCO World Heritage Archaeological area of Agrigento, with its gripping displays of Doric temples, sits the fascinating Valley of the Temples.


Rich in Greek and Roman artefacts, pieces displayed were found throughout the outstanding Agrigento region. There’s also an unbelievable view of the Valley of the Temples when at the top. Gorgeous.

Siracusa & the Neapolis Archaeological Park

Anciently beautiful, Siracusa dazzles with historical significance, unforgettable vistas and stunningly preserved glimpses into long gone civilisations.

Cultures and societies like the Greeks and Romans left their indelible mark with the sprawling Neapolis Archaeological Park. There’s a 5th century Greek theatre, 3rd century Roman Amphitheatre and a huge amount of timeless material to unearth in one of the greatest sites of its kind in Italy.

Hypnotised by Sicily?

The largest Mediterranean island sits pretty in azure waters, with a rugged, jutting landscape, packed with a unique mix of cultural, historical, and geographic features unlike anywhere else.

Ready to board that flight and give your students a slice of Sicilian magic? Let’s chat today because we simply love speaking about and tailoring-making school tours to this gorgeous isle at the toe of Italy.

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