Rayburn Tours, Time For Geography and leading universities announce major partnership project.

Last updated: Jul 12th, 2024

Rayburn Tours and Time for Geography have together announced a partnership project centred around Natural Hazards and the Eldfell, Heimaey 1973 volcanic eruption.

Dr Rob Parker of Time for Geography approached the team at Rayburn Tours at the beginning of the year, with a proposal to create an open resource film for secondary school students, based and centred around extensive research work conducted by Doctor Rhian Meara of Swansea University. The focus of her work – the 1973 Eldfell volcanic eruption that took place in Heimaey, Iceland.

Research Paper: Magmatic Memories: Eldfell, 1973

A unique case study, with various learnings which have and will continue to shape Iceland’s future, in terms of the monitoring and management of future volcanic eruptions such as those taking place right now in Grindavik, Iceland.

Rayburn Tours seized the opportunity to facilitate and support the project, along with various other leading universities, including Manchester Metropolitan, the University of Liverpool and the University of Leicester. For Rayburn Tours, alignment with the shared values of the project was pivotal, in terms of bringing together a combined effort to use the world around us to shape, educate and inspire secondary school students.

Being out in Heimaey with Dr Rob Parker and Dr Rhian Meara, capturing the stories of the island, to learn of the 1973 mass evacuation, to explore both the short- and long-term impacts on properties, economy, people and lives, and to meet some of the people affected by the eruption was a real privilege. We quickly all acknowledged the numerous parallels with the events currently taking place in Grindavik, Iceland right now.

Lessons learned and experiences shared, continue to shape Iceland’s future approach to management and recovery of future eruptions. This is why the Eldfell, Heimaey case study provides such a rich learning experience for secondary school students.

Cath Rule, Rayburn Tours, Geography Tours Development Manager.



The edited and completed open resource film will be published and made available to schools on the Time For Geography website in Autumn 2024.

Geog Pod!

The project doesn’t just end there. Cath Rule, Rhian Meara and Rob Parker from Time for Geography recently teamed up with the Geographical Association for an hour-long episode of Geog Pod. Providing an engaging insight into the nuts and bolts of the project, sharing numerous personal accounts, it’s definitely worth a listen if natural hazards are your thing! 

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Major update

Join Time For Geography for a newly announced in-school GCSE Hazards Masterclass!

Another example of the projects’ ongoing influence is illustrated in an event brought to you by Time For Geography on 16th November 2024 when they will be hosting a 4-hour cinematic master class. Supported by world leading experts and open to schools not just in the UK but across the world, in virtual terms, they’re on track to fill the O2 Arena! Discover more at the Time for Geography website.  

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