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Big, bold and beyond compare

Big in size and bold in character, Russia is a land of historic cities and artistic riches. Just one look at St Basil’s Cathedral and you’ll get a feel for the country’s creative flair. Amongst its beautiful palaces and churches, you’ll discover its fascinating history across the centuries, where captivating museums tell the story of Russia’s past. Vibrant, hardy and full of old-world charm, a school trip to Russia promises to be a memorable one.

Moscow Guided Tour, Russia
River in Moscow
Red Square, Moscow

A school history trip will help your students ‘step into the story’ as you visit some of the world’s most significant historical sites.

The perfect opportunity to broaden young minds and put the past into a wider, real-world perspective, our school history trips will bring the subject to life. By providing a cultural outlook on certain time periods and introducing new ideas, students will be able to explore and interpret evidence outside the classroom and enjoy a whole new learning experience. From the moment you start planning, you’ll benefit from our school travel expertise, curriculum understanding and destination knowledge.

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