School Geography Trips to The Azores

A rumbling mass of beauty and volcanic galore

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A far-flung archipelago of green-coated calderas, enchanting blue lakes and steaming fumaroles, the Azores is a rare mass of beauty that hums with volcanic origin. Scattered like stepping stones in the mid-Atlantic, these other-worldly islands are somewhat untouched, beckoning explorers to unearth their geographical treasures.

In this case, the biggest may well be the best as you journey to the largest island, Sao Miguel. Home to the best bits of the Azores, it’s a land laden with hot springs, forest-ringed lakes and quaint fishing villages. Rich in volcanic studies and geothermal gems, a school geography trip to the Azores is the ultimate adventure.

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Curriculum Information

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  • Curricular Links
    • Changing Places
    • Climate Change
    • Coastal Systems & Landscapes
    • Ecosystems & Biodiversity
    • Environmental Changes
    • Geographical Skills
    • Global Governance
    • Globalisation & Global Systems
    • Marine Environments
    • Natural Hazards
    • Plate Tectonics
    • Resource Management
    • Tectonic Processes, Landscapes & Hazards
    • Tourism
    • Water & Carbon Cycles
    • Weather & Climate

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School Geography Trips to The Azores

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