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The Iceland Series

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  • Screenshots of posters and worksheets in Iceland Series - Unit 2
  • Iceland series - Free Geography Teaching Resource - Unit 1

The Ultimate Geography

It’s been a long time in the planning for us to launch our free Iceland Series teaching resources, but you can now download a wealth of teaching aids in Unit 1 (Natural Hazards) and Unit 2 (Energy Resources). With individual packs to target both GCSE and A-Level teaching, we’ve got you covered! They’re designed to provide teachers with a wealth of practical aids to deliver Geographical teaching on a range of hot topics, using Iceland as an engaging case study.

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Unit 1: Natural Hazards

  • Slick looking PowerPoint presentation + Activity Sheet
  • Classroom Poster
  • Fagradalsfjall Case Study + Activity Sheet
Natural Hazards – The Volcano Poster
(Printable in A3, A2, A1)


Unit 1 - Natural Hazards - The Volcano Poster


Fagradalsfjall – Detailed Case Study
(A4 printable or read online)


Unit 1 - Natural Hazards - Fagradalsfjall Case Study


Fagradalsfjall – Activity Sheet
(A4 printable version)


Unit 1 - Natural Hazards - Fagradalsfjall Activity Sheet


Iceland Natural Hazards PowerPoint + Activity Sheet
(Narrated by Cath Rule)


Unit 1 - Natural Hazards - Iceland's Natural Hazards PowerPoint



Unit 2: Energy Resources

  • Slick looking PowerPoint presentation
  • Classroom Poster
  • Iceland’s Energy Resources Issue Evaluation (Both digital form-fillable and printable versions)
Energy Resources Poster – Hydro & Geothermal
(Printable in A3, A2, A1)


Unit 2 - Energy Resources - Hydro & Geothermal Poster


Energy Resources Issue Evaluation
(Digital, form-fillable PDF)


Unit 2 - Energy Resources - How sustainable is Iceland's Energy Use? Form-fillable Version


Energy Resources Issue Evaluation
(Printable, lined version)


Unit 2 - Energy Resources - How Sustainable is Iceland's Energy Use? - Lined Version


Energy Resources PowerPoint
(Narration from Cath Rule)


Unit 2 - Energy Resources - The Iceland Energy Story PowerPoint



…and there’s more to come!

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We’ll equip you with everything you need to deliver a series of quality lessons, with resources for both teachers and students. Better still, our content is produced by Catherine Rule, Geography Tours Development Manager for Rayburn Tours, who in her previous life was a secondary school Geography teacher for 17 years.



Look out for the following subjects covered in our Iceland Series in the future…

Climate Change


Glacier in Iceland

Changing Places


Vik i Myrdal Church in Iceland



Glaciation seen off the coast of Iceland

and more!


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Overview of Unit 1 of The Iceland Series Content

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