Jumping in a Super Jeep – A New Voyage of Discovery Across the Landscape of Iceland…

Last updated: Apr 24th, 2024

It’s incredibly rewarding to see our geography trips unfold, and this time, we took it one step further!

We were recently welcomed by some of our travelling schools to film their geography trip adventures to the magnificent land of fire and ice, Iceland! With so many highlights to cover, we’ve whittled it down to just one (for now)!

This blog will explore our Super Jeep adventure – terrific terrains, natural wonders and pure excitement await…

Four parked Super Jeeps live up diagonally, with a blue cloudy sky above.


So, tell us, what’s so Super?

Wrapped up and ready for our day, we were met by four HUGE super jeeps outside the Lava Centre! The sheer size of the jeeps was something else – you couldn’t help but feel fuelled with anticipation for what lied ahead!

We met our guide and driver, and as soon as he started speaking, we knew were going to be in for a treat. A larger-than-life Santa like character, with a deeper than deep voice, full of Icelandic charm and humour – his first words, “hold on tight, this is going to be a rocky ride!” set the scene for the day!

We’re getting ahead of ourselves – right, back to the question – what’s so super about the day? Well, absolutely everything!


A teacher and a student engage with a Icelandic information board.


Drivers and Guides Who Deliver!

The art of driving these vehicles through rivers and across Iceland’s rocky landscape has got to be an art. And doing this while sharing stories of the area’s past with such humour and insight into the Icelandic way of life is another!

Students eagerly asking questions as we traversed across Þórsmörk – a place that has a special spot in every Icelander’s heart.

The scenery on our journey was nothing short of breathtaking. It is every inch Icelandic nature in all its glory – our ride across unbridged glacial rivers nurturing many a squeal and bubbling giggles from our students!


An Artic fox looks off camera surrounded by black rock, with a little vegetation in the foreground.


A Once in a Lifetime Glimpse – The Arctic Fox!

Then came that extra special moment that no one could have predicted or anticipated. That moment when our guide abruptly banged his brakes on and commanded the group’s silence…

There we had, right by the side of our Jeep, a gorgeous and timid young white Arctic fox. Gasps from the students filled the Jeep – we couldn’t believe we had the privilege of witnessing something quite so special!

Our photographer and videographer, Matt, slithered along the floor outside the jeep to get up close and personal with our new friend. This was a moment for the memory box!

Hello and goodbye Mr Fox – it was a pleasure to meet you…


A group of girl students pose with the mountains of Iceland in the background.


Time for a Leg Stretch…

OK, so yes, we’d had a morning of being WOWed on every level, so it was without a doubt time for a leg stretch. The guide offered us 2 options, climb halfway up or aim high and hit the summit?

Our Marketing Manager, Nicky, shared some words of wisdom and encouragement to the teacher in the group – “You may as well go for it, you’re only here once!”

Young fit sports people tackled the challenge at pace and with ease. We didn’t fit that persona; the achievement was greater, shall we say! The sights on the way up were stunning, simply out of this world. They quite simply took your breath away, and that was our reward for arriving at the summit!

Drinks and snacks followed at the site’s café, and we even caught sight of a few more Icelandic foxes!

We headed back in our jeeps to view the spectacularly dramatic waterfalls and rounded off the experience enjoying the simple pleasure of skimming stones across shallow waters.


In a Nutshell…

This is a remarkable experience for any school! This area can only be accessed via super jeeps, for a whole host of safety reasons, and after a day spent here, it’s obvious to see why this place has such a special place in many an Icelanders’ heart ❤

Visiting Iceland with your school? Be sure to incorporate the Super Jeep Adventure – you won’t look back!

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