We didn’t just visit Sorrento, but Sicily too! – Part two

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019


Day 5:

This morning the group were ready to set off to the great Mount Etna. Known to the locals as ‘Mongibello’ – meaning beautiful mountain – Etna stands almost 1100ft above sea level. As we drove up the winding road we reached ‘La Sapienza’ where snow began to fall. The amount that soon surrounded us was impressive!

Our day continued with a cable car ride up to the top of the mountain. With all this snow, it was impossible for the students to resist making snow angels and throw a snowball or two! The Silvestri Craters were much larger than I imagined, and the rocky, burnt-orange colour was fantastic to look at as it glowed through the ground.

On our way back down, Mel remembered a small, quirky shop in the town of Zafferana (famous for its delicious honey), so we stopped by to sample some of the town’s local produce.

Day 6:


It’s the group’s second to last day and possibly my personal favourite! Our driver, Alessandro, drove us to the harbour of Milazzo where we took the hydrofoil to the Island of Vulcano, one of the famous Aeolian Islands. Climbing this rocky volcano was an unforgettable experience for both myself and the students.

Our guide, Emanuele, took the group through the fascinating geographical story of the nature and history of the volcano. When we reached the top of the crater the views were spectacular, and the group were even able to see the fumaroles in action. Hold your noses!

IMG_2319After our evening meal it was time for the final quiz. The students even performed and what a great show they put on. With singing, chanting and poetry all reflecting their amazing time in Italy, it was a great way to end a great week!

Day 7:

Alas, our final day had arrived, but there was still one last stop to the great Greek amphitheatre in Syracuse. Lovely, bright blue skies accompanied us throughout the day. We ended our journey in the beautiful island of Ortygia, spending our afternoon surrounded by water, shops and incredible sights.



Finally, we headed to Catania Airport and had a smooth and safe flight home. I waved the group good bye, leaving with a round of applause to all the laughter, fun and effort the students and teachers brought into creating such a fantastic trip!

Ciao for now!