6 reasons why every music group should perform at Edinburgh Fringe

Last updated: Sep 21st, 2023

What an experience the largest performance arts festival in the world is, it’s arty, it’s trendy, it’s diverse, it’s varied, it’s electric, it’s unforgettable and it’s absolutely stuffed with performers and performances!

And you performing at the Edinburgh Fringe is probably the ultimate concert for and your members. What’s utterly fantastic about Fringe is that every choir, band, orchestra or ensemble are welcome and there’s a perfectly suited venue for your genre and group style. The place is rocking and constantly buzzing, making it the ideal space for you to put on a show and which means you’re pretty much guaranteed an audience at your concerts. Why wouldn’t you want to perform?

With that in mind, and our recent trip to the incredible city and festival still fresh in our mind, here’s a few reasons you should go.

‘One of the best moments was when we had a standing ovation half-way through our set!’

Ruth Bowe, Wellingborough Gospel Choir



6 reasons to perform at Edinburgh Fringe

  • It’s suitable for all group types: that’s right, whether you’re a young choir or an ensemble spanning the generations – you’re welcome with open arms!
  • there’s a venue perfect for your musical group: they range from churches, bars, halls, theatres and underground spaces – but don’t worry as we’ll match you group to the best suited performance space
  • You’re pretty much guaranteed a ready-made audience! Fringe brings a bucketload of tourists from all over the world, meaning there’s always a steady audience stream just waiting to be entertained
  • We’ll guide you through every step of the application process. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that we’ll walk you through all the application formalities to make it super easy to get you registered.
  • We’ll create publicity material and help promote your concerts! The ready-made audience will already be there, but we’ll boost your chances of packing out your venues by creating eye catching publicity material to promote your showtimes.
  • Soak in the festival atmosphere and literally hundreds of varied and incredibly talented acts. The city is alive and, quite simply, buzzing, so soaking in that electric atmosphere and the acts that help create that feel good vibe is an absolute must.
  • There’ll be unforgettable moments and memories by the bucketload! Every group we’ve chatted to – where we’ve organised their tour to Fringe – just can’t stop chatting about the absolutely incredible and unforgettable time they had.

Wellingborough Community Gospel Choir performing inside Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival

Because, we take on all the stressful bits of touring, like planning travel, accommodation, excursions, free time, and the booking of performance venues, so you don’t have to. We’ll compile that into a handy itinerary and be with you every step of the way during your tour. Meaning you can focus on the fun, the buzz, the magnificent atmosphere, the performance, the creativity, and truly throw yourself into the energy and the out of this world experience of the largest performance arts festival in the world that is the Edinburgh Fringe.

‘I’d never been Edinburgh Fringe and I was absolutely blown away by it!’

Mags, Fab Choir


How we’ll help secure your place at the festival

  • The Fringe applications can usually be accessed online from the beginning of March, so we often ask for information about your group’s show to be supplied by the end of February. That way we have time to make any tweaks and fill in the gaps.
  • However, we’ll ask you about your venue requirements well ahead of the final deadline to match and reserve the venues best suited to your group.
  • We also like to book your accommodation around a year in advance, as places fill up fast!
  • We’ll guide you through all the information needed, including show name, show copy for the programme and website, ticketing details, image requirements and more.
  • We’ll provide samples of past show copy, so you know what to aim for in your application.
  • We’re on-hand to answer any questions, no matter how big or small. Simply put, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what Fab Choir and

Wellingborough Gospel Choir had to say…


We recently chatted with the ladies from Fab Choir and Ruth Bowe from Wellingborough Gospel Choir. Trust, they both had some, quite simply, incredible things to say about their first ever Edinburgh Fringe…

What were the best moments of your trip?

‘On the way up the noise on the coach was full of chatter but on the way back it was silent. Everyone was shattered – and that’s definitely a sign of a good weekend!’

Julie, Fab Choir

In a nutshell, describe your tour?

‘I have to say Edinburgh Fringe was beyond our wildest dreams!’

Ruth Bowe, Wellingborough Gospel Choir

Fab Choir’s Story

Wellingborough’s Story


Thinking about performing at next year’s Fringe?

Then we can’t wait to chat to you! Our friendly and super knowledgeable Tour Consultants are only a phone call on 01332 347 828, or just fill out our enquiry form by pressing the button below and we’ll get back to you.

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