Why going above and beyond is worth every minute

Last updated: Sep 26th, 2022

“I’m a full-time music teacher and I lead music ensembles in my spare time”: whatever your scenario, you may be asking yourself “what’s in it for me?”. Now that is a question that is quickly quashed when you’ve ‘been there and done it’ so to speak.

We speak to Eleanor Harvey, Rayburn Tours’ Senior Concert Tours Consultant about what she has witnessed during the course of her 15-year career at Rayburn Tours, working with hundreds of concert tour leaders to arrange their tours.

A tour sees performers shine, children with little confidence flourish and an overwhelming response from music leaders saying that the bond within their ensembles steps up a notch! Are they just some of the rreasons why going above and beyond is worth every minute?


Eleanor would certainly say so…

As a performer myself, I’ve always been passionate about taking performances out into the wider world. The benefits to young people and adults in travelling and performing together are immense.”

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It’s a chance for members to experience new environments, to visit places that take them beyond their comfort zone, to challenge their existing performance boundaries and to give them a new outlook and a different perspective on the world. These experiences are so valuable, especially after the chapter of life we have just lived through, where the opportunity to perform in groups was taken away from us for such a long period of time.

So, while the whole process of planning tours is very much focussed on the performers, fulfilling their needs and tour objectives, I feel it’s only right to appreciate the benefits and rewards for the party leader and I have seen how a tour provides a unique platform for them to further learn, grow and develop as a music leader. The reality is that it helps broaden their own experiences and brings a new perspective and deeper understanding of their role.

There are those that don’t necessarily thrive in a school or rehearsal room environment and the context of being outside, on site on tour, can often be a chance for them to shine. It can help them grow in confidence, as they see their surroundings from a different perspective, improve engagement and positively affect motivation levels. For a leader of a youth ensemble this is one of the ultimate rewards of planning a tour.


“The reality is that it helps broaden their own experiences and brings a new perspective and deeper understanding of their role.”

Being in an informal setting gives you time get to know your performers better and to find out more about what makes them tick. There’s no doubt that a tour allows the group and party leader to develop improved long-term trusting relationships.

Seeing your group having a brilliant time together, performing to international audiences, socialising, smiling and celebrating together, and knowing you made this happen is high reward for anyone. There’s no doubt it’s another reason why the touring cycle  becomes so addictive!

Organising a concert tour on top of an already busy workload is of course very time demanding. You have to manage a budget, assess risk and lead not only group members, but your supporting team too. But there is no doubt that the rewards far outweigh the challenges. Performing on an international concert tour has a significant impact on both youth and adult ensembles and it is a privilege to be able to share these experiences with them. In nutshell, that is why going above and beyond as concert tour leader is worth every minute!

Are you ready to go ‘above and beyond’?

Seeing performers grow in confidence, experience new places, have “a lightbulb moment” and fall in love with performing right before your eyes, makes every minute of planning worthwhile.


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